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The plugin is looks great. However, there are some requirements I need that I can’t seem to find a work around for.

I want to use this plugin for my storage company. We store local college students store things over the summer. We pick up their things and deliver them back when school starts up again.

I need to be able to block out certain times based on which school, and residence they choose. So first they choose their school. (5 total options) then once they choose their school, It will show them the residence (could be up to 24 options per school) Then the user can see what times are avail for that specific residence. It would be a condition law, (If/then) Based on the school that is chosen, the residence appear. Otherwise I have to list over 100 residence all at once.

Is this achievable?

Also, I need to be able to export the data to a CSV.

Thank you for your support.

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Hello there, Worldpay payment gateway. ?

DOTonPAPER DOTonPAPER AUTHOR 2 years ago Flag Hi,

We will add it to the do to list and tr to implement it in the future.

This is the future, can we have it now please!~


A Pre-sale question….

I have 6 different types of hotel rooms. Is it possible to create the booking for 6 types of rooms or create 6 different calenders for 6 rooms ?

Thanks, Gagan