BlueprintUI Responsive Modal is a super simple fully featured jQuery modal plugin with more than 30 CSS3 powered animation possibilities and 7 home made themes to use it.

Plugin Features

  • Responsive Design – The layout adpats to the viewing environment.
  • CSS3 Animation – 31 funny and really smooth animations.
  • Themeable – 7 provided themes and simple api to create more.
  • 3D Scaling – If the browser support 3D, you can add a super smooth scaling effect to the overlay.
  • Extensive Documentation – The plugin is provided with an extensive documentation to help you use it


2013, June, 1 - v1.3 | Uploaded
- Fixed a problem with scaling and scroll on the iPhone.
2013, May, 27 - v1.2 | Uploaded
- Fixed a bug with Firefox and transitions for scaling
- fixed a bug with Firefox and background of scaled container
2013, May, 27 - v1.1 | Uploaded
- Fixed a bug with scrolling
- added an advanced map example to the demo
- added an advanced vimeo example to the demo
2013, May, 26 - v1.0 | Uploaded
- Initial release

About BlueprintUI

BlueprintUI is a set of dead simple UI components to integrate in your next design, they are fully responsive and customizable.