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banners don’t load on android devices, my device is a Samsung Galaxy S5 and no banner nor frame are loaded, I use ad code into wordpress FV Flowplayer setting instead it works on iOS and, obviously, windows

you should see banner embebbed into player, ignore banner above player

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to help you here. Embedding banners into video player is out of plugin’s functionality. All banners are pulled after page loaded, but in your case workflow is different. Sorry.

Hi, Do you have any plans to integrate 2 checkout payment gateway to this plugin?

Hi. Nope.

Why is that? As per the screenshots description 2checkout is supported. What was the reason to remove it from a later update? It would be great if you can integrate this :) http://codecanyon.net/theme_previews/2561323-banner-manager-for-wordpress?url_name=banner-manager-for-wordpress

Unfortunately, it was buggy so I removed it couple years ago.


I have two pre-sale questions:

1. My theme is now have 2 block for banner ads and sidebar ads. If i use your plugin, can i manage ads at the extactly location of existing ads block? And do you support javascript code?

2. I want to set the ads automatically change by time. Can the plugin do that?

1. It depends where you put banners’ shortcodes. 2. No.


jf Purchased


I was wondering if you had any plan to integrate Stripe payment solution?

Thank you :)

Hi. I have such plans. But not soon.


Don’t you think it would make sense to save banner ads in plugin folder (e.g: /wp-content/plugins/banner-manager/ad-banners/), instead of saving it along with other images in /wp-content/uploads/ ?

Another suggestion would be an option to delete expired banner ad images from the backend after completion of campaign.

Hi. Thanks for ideas, but I’m not agree with them, unfortunately.

Hello halfdata. I am looking for a ad manager plugin + booking feature (like Booking System PRO). I want my customers see what days are booked and what days are free for advertising. For example, banner X is occupied right now, but customer books it for a week later for 30 days. Can you add this feature?

Hi. Unfortunately, I don’t have such plans.

Hi. Would like to see you release this as a standalone application in line with what you do with Universal Digital Shop (great app by the way) but with ads… do you have plans to do this?

Noice, totally didn’t see that on your profile :p thanks for the heads up :)

Hi there, I have this plugin installed and setup. I’ve been trying to set up an offer for permanent banners, eg – Purchase a 12×120px banner with no expiration date (once off payment of say $100). I assumed we would have full control over the price and duration of banners but it seems that permanent banners have been omitted from the setup. Am I missing something or is this not possible? If it is possible, is there an easy hack to the php that you could advise on? Thanks in advance, Dave

Hi Dave. Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

This system generates the responsive banner?


Hi, one Question. Does Banner Manager work with enabled Cache? I use WP Rocket and TagDiv- Newspaper 6. My URL is: www.altenburg-net.at Thank´s for your answer, With best Regards, Karl

Hi. Yes. Plugin works with caching plugins.

I am having an ajax conflict with your plugin and the theme that I am using. On the initial page load the banner appears just fine. However, as a navigate through the site, the banner does not display unless I refresh the page that I am visiting. It appears that someone else had a similar issue a couple of years ago.

Here was your response to them: “My plugin pulls banners on page load (using jQuery.ready()). Technically your page is loaded only once when you you open the site. The rest browsing is just a pulling content from your server. To resolve this issue, it is necessary to call wpbanners_getbanners() function once your AJAX-request completed. Please provide access to WP-dashboard. I’ll modify your theme’s file and add this function call.”

I wanted to know if you could modify my theme as well or provide me with instructions on how to correct myself. The site is dcgospelonline.com


OK. Please provide FTP-access to your theme’s folder.

email me at admin@dcgospelonline.com and I can provide you with the login information. Thanks—

Hi halfdata! Please tell me how can I translate this plugin?

This is normal way how to translate plugins. You need create 2 files wpbanners-ru_RU.po and wpbanners-ru_RU.mo and put them into folder languages. More details here: http://betterwp.net/wordpress-tips/create-pot-file-using-poedit/

I would buy this product if it had a bitcoin (satoshi/mbtc) feature per click. All the other payment gateways are a waist and not many people qualify to have accounts. Keep it simple dude and it will sell Maybe in the next release you add this feature, then I am in!

Thanks for idea.

Hi I believe I might be having plugin conflict with this plug as the “continue” button just loads without completing. could you have a look: http://winft.org/advertising/ cheers

Hi. I believe you use AdBlock in your browser. Never use keyword like “advertising”, “ads”, “advertise”, etc. in URL. Such URLs are blocked by AdBlock.

Hi. After purchasing banner via interkassa,user receives the message about Unrecognized: N05 status,and then nothing happens. The banner status and publishment on the site should occur automatically,is not it ? (disabled approval mechanism). Something needs to be changed in the Interkassa settings?

Hi. Thanks for purchasing the plugin.

1. Make sure that you put correct “Secret/Sign Key” on Settings page (in your WP dashboard)/ 2. In your checkout settings, make sure that you use MD5 algorithm.

Hi,again ! Now everything works fine. I have another question regarding inserting banners into 3rd party webpages . Currently plugin is using iframe code. Is there any possibility to use j. scripting ?

At that moment it doesn’t have such feature.