Automatic Envato Referral URL Wordpress Plugin

A WordPress plugin to automatically insert your referral username onto any Envato marketplace URL . If the URL already has a referral code on it, it will replace it with yours

The beauty of this, is that you don’t have to be an author to participate in Envato’s Referral scheme. Seeing as you’re already a member when you purchase this script, you simply use your username and can start referring users right away.


  • Single file plugin
  • Quick, simple and painless install
  • Easily change your referral username
  • If referral code is already present, it will replace it with your username
  • Works for all current marketplaces
  • Updates for future Marketplaces included
  • Automatically generate referral URLs from within content, excerpts, RSS , comments, comments URL and comments RSS feed.

Installation and Setup

  • Upload PHP script to plugins directory either by FTP or from within WordPress
  • Navigate to Plugins
  • Activate Plugin
  • Navigate to Settings, then click the Envato Referral section
  • Enter username and save