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Hello, I’ve noticed some seo warnings on some of the images that I have had renamed title (and therefore, URL). Redirections are temporal 302 instead of permanent 301.

Example: http://artvenue-abhi003.rhcloud.com/image/43/wrongurl redirects 302 to: http://artvenue-abhi003.rhcloud.com/image/43/et-impedit

Check at: http://www.internetofficer.com/seo-tool/redirect-check/

Any chance these redirects can be changed to 301, instead of 302’s? Thanks.


Hello MTOB

Visit app/controller/ImageController.php

Search for

return Redirect::route('image', ['id' => $image->id, 'slug' => $image->slug]);

Change it to

return Redirect::route('image', ['id' => $image->id, 'slug' => $image->slug],301);

Will be updated in the next update so keep looking.



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Thanks to you, very happy of such a quick reply with solution. It’s done, changed, and working well. Thanks.

Hi! I sent you an email few days ago. How can i remove the captcha? Im trying do reduce friction in registrtion process…


Hello gunnarhalen

Please have a look at here https://gist.github.com/anonymous/e042ca8df528f2d396ee



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Report of issues:

It’s almost 5 months that we have setup a social networking and sharing system for tourism based on ArtVenue and had a lot of good feedbacks on its design and attractiveness.

Since any script develops with time and feedbacks, we decided to be a part of this process and here we have prepared a list of issues that can be considered for the next update so that both you and us are happier with it.

User section:

1- The main and most annoying problem here is about categories:

-When user selects a specific category, the related page loads and all the photos are displayed correctly, but when user clicks on the first photo and clicks for the next one, the next photo in this category is not displayed. Instead, the photo that has been uploaded after the current photo, from a chronological point of view, is displayed. This ruins the whole purpose of categories and labels! The same issue holds for profiles or tags. Meaning that when I visit someone’s profile and click on one of her/his photos, and click for the next photo, it displays the photo that has been uploaded right after this photo onto the website , no matter who has uploaded it! This is totally annoying!

-Next issue is about subcategories. It is really needed that subcategories can be added to categories. This is impossible with current script!

2- Like button: Because of Facebook and many other social networking sites, people are used to a binary situation about like and here this three state like system is a bit unusual for them. The other thing is that it takes a long time for the like status to change after user has clicked it, and since people think that they haven’t clicked or site is not responding they click again and because of that three state system, they accidentally choose another like option which is annoying.

3- Commenting system issues:

-There is no possibility to Edit comments. This is not good for users who have made a mistake or typo or anything like that. They are not willing to delete the whole comment and retype it again!

-It is not possible to have nested comments. Meaning that when someone makes a comment, and another one replies to that comment, it is not possible for a third person to continue the conversation and reply to the reply!

-There is no possibility of deleting a comment in admin panel in user section. Admins in user section don’t have the authority to delete spam or unwanted comments. Admins in management also only have access to recent comments not all of them. So if there is a spam comment that is there for a couple of days , it will be totally out of control of admins of any kind!

-When user makes an empty line in the comment by hitting enter and then finishes the text and sends the comment to site, all the empty lines created by hitting Enter are removed and it results in an ugly condensed comment.

- URLs are not displayed as links in the comment section.

-Hashtag # , cant be used with right to left languages like Persian. This is really a missing feature and many users are asking for that.

-It is impossible to “mention” other users in comment section

4- Search: Adding the search feature for finding a user in search field, or possibility to choose a certain category when searching for photos.

5- Edit section: When user uploads a photo and wants to edit it, he/she doesn’t have access to the map to edit the location as well.

6- Management:

-Finding a user or photo for admins should be possible.

-It will be much more convenient for admins if new users added or new photos uploaded show up on the top of the list instead of being appended to the end of it!

-It should be possible for admins to tick multiple photos and to an action (like deleting) on them at the same time. Right now, admins have to select each photo separately and do something on it.

-When admins search for a user in the search field of admin panel, it only looks for the user searched in the current page and if the user is mentioned somewhere else on the website, it cant fetch the user.


Hello makanbin

First many thanks for appreciation and great feedback, but I wish you have made this comment after current update.

  1. For sure we will improve this in future updates.

    I’m so sorry but we have no plans for subcategories any soon, we have said this many times that internally we support them but these days web/mobile based design can’t support them much.

  2. You can change favorites to like ?

  3. Comments section and management is going to improve in this release. Can’t say about @mention right now. But yes for sure admin management is going to improve.

4-5. I will look into those.

  • 6.Admin panel is going to improve in the current update so stay tuned. You will have sorting – searching – dynamic list feature in admin panel for each section. Now you will quickly able to search and sort anything you like in that section.:)

Once again many thanks for you feedback and appreciation


hi, thans for your work.

Facebook login not work. i have set all whit your guide. The connection whit facebook is ok but in laravel i have this response: “Please try again”. why?

Hello Bdesign_it

There is minor change in facebook api v2.4, you have to provide parameters in the request.

Here is the fix, visit app/contoller/LoginCtroller.php search for

$facebook = json_decode($fb->request('/me'), true);

Replace it with

$facebook = json_decode($fb->request('/me?fields=id,name,email'), true);

Happy to help you.


and yes it will updated in the next release so keep looking.

now run ;)

How do we remove the NSFW option? My site is for UAV photos, i highly doubt they will ever select that option!

Hello HostKing.

I think just hiding the input field will work well, instead of removing it. Please have a look at here https://gist.github.com/anonymous/a1e8c361c0cb70797c0b



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Works a treat – Can’t wait for your update, the script is amazing.


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Two problems.

1. Frequent automatic logout. There is no rule, just log off when you want. Sometimes you can move through the klilku sides with no problem until the said logout and sometimes logs immediately after logging in and clicking anywhere. In addition, after such logging out sometimes you can not log in again with your username. However, you can log on using instead of logins email address.

2. Where you can set the default zoom and centering google maps.

URL: http://tureczek.pl

I write with a translator so sorry for mistakes


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A default centering the map? There is a chance to help in this area. I mean that was setting the default map for my country – Poland

In the same file search for `21.03333, 105.85` change these to coordinate of your choice.



online24 Purchased

Many thanks!


I’m interested in this script for a new photo-sharing website. But I’m not sure how long you’ll continue supporting this item, considering its 2yrs old.

Do you have any similar image sharing script in the pipeline, or you plan to continue supporting this item forever?