App Store Box - Fancy reviews maker for WordPress

App Store Box is a marvelous plugin that makes fancy Review Boxes from iTunes App Store and Mac App Store Applications. Have a look at it!


The plugin is amazing and they have provided excellent support.
- AppFind


Excellent work, it’s a beautiful plugin ;)
- naweedshams

Thank you for the great piece of work, it will enhance our site beautifully.
- mikeintosh

Amazing support.
- ashish54

If you are thinking about buying this Plugin, DO IT. The dev may be the most helpful person on Envato. I had problems, he emailed me and now it works like a charm. 6 stars if I could.
- T3KD

The Highlights

App Store Box is a plugin for Wordpress that allows you to add a review box in your posts. It’s a simple but effective solution to make fancy reviews on your website.


  • iOS 7 review box design (v2.1)
  • Easy-to-use simple shortcode
  • Custom CSS / Styling
  • Light-weight code
  • API translated box data
  • Built-in Cache (v2.0)
  • Download button text easy edit (v2.0)
  • Retina assets (v2.0)
  • Desktop version QR Codes on icon hover (v2.0)
  • PHG affiliation (v2.1)
  • Boxes for music, movies, TV shows (v2.2.1), apps, books and podcasts NEW (v2.2+)
  • Feed readers ready¹ (v2.2.1)

Requirements – Version 2.2.1

  • WordPress 3 or greater
  • PHP 5 or greater
  • cURL module (or file_get_contents function)
  • PHP file and directory read/write methods² for cache function

The Support

Need some help? If you have any questions please feel free to use the dedicated support forums. Make sure you grab your purchase code from the plugin License Certificate! (How to)

Charity² — 10% in charity

Starting from February, we’ll donate 10% of our earnings to charity organizations each month. Some people may not have our facilities nor our basic needs, that’s why we want to help them! Do you want to know more or want to have a proof of our donation? Send us a mail and we’ll be glad to talk with you!

¹ Not all feed readers will display the box correctly because they’re all different, we tried our best.

² fopen/fwrite functions (or file_put_contents function)