More and more websites and companies start to create their own API ’s so that users can build their own tools to interact with the websites/data. With this framework you can create your own API in no time. The framework is very easy to use and extend if you have PHP and OOP knowledge.

Tip: This API is also usable as backend for your Android and iPhone applications.


  • Object oriented and structured code
  • Modify URL request structure
  • Create multiple versions of an API
  • Use hooks to extend the API framework with extra functionality (6 example hooks included)
  • Make a database table accessible with your API
  • Use the included output types (XML, JSON , TXT, CSV , Print_r) or create your own
  • Choose which request types are allowed for wich method (GET, POST , PUT, DELETE )

Example Videos


Version 1.1 – 17/01/2011:

  • Added fix for json_encode for PHP < 5.2
  • Extra security for config and log files
  • Updated documentation
  • Added extra logging for BlockIp Hook