Anti-spam Pro = no spam in comments and no captcha

Anti-spam Pro plugin blocks spam in comments. Anti-spam Pro is powerful and extended version with settings of free and popular Anti-spam plugin.

Why humans should prove that they are humans by filling captchas? Lets bots prove that they are not bots with adding javascript to their user-agents! Plugin is small but it makes all the dirty work against spam pretty good. You may give it a try.

Anti-spam Pro plugin blocks spam in comments automatically, invisibly for users and for admins.

  • no captcha, because spam is not users’ problem
  • no moderation queues, because spam is not administrators’ problem

Plugin is easy to use: just install it and it just works.

After installing the ‘Anti-spam Pro’ plugin try to submit a comment on your site being logged out. If you get an error – feel free to ask for help with detailed information about the error using comments section on CodeCanyon or comments section on web-profile and I will do my best to solve your problem.


Incompatible with:

  • Disqus
  • Jetpack Comments
  • AJAX Comment Form
  • bbPress

Compatible with:

  • Multi-site (each site of the network will have its own plugin settings page like on stand-alone site)
  • CommentLuv plugin

What is the difference between the free Anti-spam and the Anti-spam Pro plugins?

  • Anti-spam Pro plugin includes everything what Anti-spam plugin has and additionaly has much more powerful spam protection and also have Settings page
  • Anti-spam Pro randomly generates unique input names suffix for each site. This input name suffix can be changed in Anti-spam Pro Settings section.
  • The ‘year-question’ was replaced with the ‘copy-and-paste-the-code’. Anti-spam Pro randomly generates unique code for each site. This code can be changed in Anti-spam Pro Settings section.

How does Anti-spam Pro plugin work?

Anti-spam Pro plugin use few spam-bots characteristics to distinguish comments from spam:

  • spam-bots does not use JavaScript
  • spam-bots are fully automatic and fills all the inputs using typical parsing patterns which can be easily trapped

Two extra hidden fields are added to comments form. First field should be filled with unique code. Second field should be empty. If the user visits site, than first field is answered automatically with javascript, second field left blank and both fields are hidden by javascript and css and invisible for the user. If the spammer will try to submit comment form, he will fail to fill code-input with correct code or will try to submit an empty field and spam comment will be automatically rejected. The Anti-spam Pro input names have random unique suffix what adds extra layer of protection.

How to test what spam comments are rejected?

You may enable in [Settings] = [Anti-spam Pro] section sending all rejected spam comments to email.

You can also find the info block with total spam blocked counter in the admin comments section.

You can hide or show this info block in the “Screen Options” section. The info block visibility option is saved per user.

What settings does Anti-spam Pro plugin have?

  • ‘Send spam comment to email’ toggle checkbox
  • ‘Email’ text input
  • ‘Allow trackbacks’ toggle checkbox
  • ‘Unique code for copy-&-paste’ text input with randomly generated string
  • ‘Unique input name suffix’ text input with randomly generated string

Does plugin block spam from Contact or other forms?

Plugin blocks spam only in comments form section and does not block spam from any other forms on site.

If you installed and activated the plugin and you still receiving spam – probably this could be because of some other forms on your site (for example comments forms).

What is the percentage of spam blocked?

Anti-spam plugin blocks about 99.9% of automatic spam messages (sent by spam-bots via post requests). But Anti-spam plugin will pass the messages which were submitted by spammers manually via browser. But such messages happens very rarely.

Which license should be bought for Multi-site?

Extended license should be bought for Multi-site. “Yes – they would need to purchase the extended license. Jeffrey”

What about trackback spam?

Users rarely use trackbacks because it is manual and requires extra input. Spammers uses trackbacks because it is easy to cheat here. Users use pingbacks very often because they work automatically. Spammers does not use pingbacks because backlinks are checked. So trackbacks are blocked by default but pingbacks are enabled. You may enable trackbacks if you use it in [Settings] = [Anti-spam Pro] section. You may read more about the difference between trackbacks and pingbacks.

Unobtrusive JavaScript

Anti-spam Pro plugin works with JavaScript disabled. JavaScript is disabled on less than 1% of devices. Users with disabled JavaScript should manually copy-and-paste the code before submitting the comment.

And one more extra note…

If site has caching plugin enabled and cache is not cleared or if theme does not use ‘comment_form’ action and there is no Ante-spam Pro plugin inputs in comments form – Anti-spam Pro plugin tries to add hidden fields automatically using JavaScript.


ver.3.1 – 2014-12-26

  • added the ability to hide or show info block in the “Screen Options” section

ver.3.0 – 2014-12-15

  • refactor code structure
  • added blocked spam counter in the comments section
  • clean up the docs
  • enqueue script only for pages with comments form and in the footer
  • bugfixes from Anti-spam plugin

ver.2.1 – 2014-08-03

  • clear value of the empty input because some themes are adding some value for all inputs
  • updated FAQ section
  • added more info to Settings page

ver.2.0 – 2014-02-16

  • completely rewriting the code of the plugin
  • now Anti-spam Pro input names are unique on each site with Anti-spam Pro plugin because of randomly generated suffix. This input name suffix can be changed in Anti-spam Pro Settings section
  • ‘year-question’ replaced with ‘copy-and-paste-the-code’. This code is unique on each site and it is randomly generated and can be changed in Anti-spam Pro Settings section
  • add support for comments forms loaded via ajax
  • validate options

ver.1.0 – 2014-01-04

  • initial release. Extended Anti-spam plugin with Settings page.

Alternative support page of Anti-spam Pro plugin.