Android Webview With Progress bar and admob ads

Android Webview With Progress bar and admob ads - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Live preview updated with youtube video inside the app

Version 2.0

What’s New
1. Menu Options
2. Custom About Text
3. Sharing Option ( share your app with your friends via supported apps like gmail, hotmail, whatsapp, messages etc. )
4. Refresh Button
5. Exit Button
6. Periodically prompt to rate your app
7. Back Key will never exit the app after coming back to home
8. M3U8, RTMP, RTSP Streaming via android video player

Updated :
1. Google admob sdk to 6.4.1
2. Support for Jelly Bean 4.2.2
3. Works with latest ADT 21.1.0

Test it directly on your mobile – Version 2.0

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Change log

Version 1.3

What's New 
1. Support for Jelly Bean 4.1
2. Updated with latest Admob SDK for better results
3. Works with  latest ADT plugin 21.0.0 
 Bugs Fix : 
1. Back key 
2. Admob ads ( fix + sdk update )
3. Never reloads the page in landscape mode 

Version 1.2

What's New 
1. Thin Progress Bar
2. Play Mp4 And 3gp videos 
3. Works with latest ADT 20.0.2 

Version 1.1

What’s New
1. Splash Screen
2. Play mp3 files

Build your android webview app in 5 minutes using Eclipse,ADT Plugin and Android SDK.

A perfect webview android app with almost all main features included, this app never reveals your website url to your users.

Supports Android 1.6 – 4.1.2


1. Display custom message on no network connectivity without showing your original website url
2. Progress bar/application loading bar
3. Zoom-in/zoom-out with touch or buttons
4. Admob advertisements
5. Support youtube videos
6. Direct your users to rate your application
7. One touch call , call directly from your app
8. Facebook And Twitter links open in native browser

Documentation contains step by step procedure with screenshots, and code to build your android webview app.
If you are a newbie, please read the complete documentation before starting the project.

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