Android apps review could help to create Android Mobile apps review website in just couple of second, Android apps Review Script automatically fetch any information about the Application using Google Play, our script automatically grab images/screenshot resize and store in server for fast retrieval, why we store Image/Screenshots/Icon on server? because most of images/screenshot size more then 1.5mb so we need to resize (reduce size) and store at our server to get fast retrieval and for search engine optimization, Now support to App Scrap fom GOOGLE STORE, just set and forgot.



  1. Auto BULK Apps Grab/Scrap from GOOGLE STORE and Add in your Website, CRON JOB Supported
  2. Automatically Grab Apps info form GOOGLE PLAY
  3. Store screenshots/icons at your own server
  4. Ajaxed based for quick response and also SEO optimized
  5. Add YouTube video in your Review just putting YouTube URL
  6. Add your own Review about Apps on App display Pages
  7. Category Based
  8. Advance Search your every imagine
  9. Store Apps by Newest, Update, Popular, Alphabetic
  10. Display Apps only for iPad or Both
  11. User Singup and Login to Submit Apps for Review
  12. Latest News scrolling about your website
  13. Advertisement Ready Template
  14. Include with Android Mobile Compatible Template
  15. Integrate Ajaxed Facebook Like button on App review page

Admin Feature:

  1. Category Management (Don’t Change anything its only for PRO DEVELOPERS)
  2. News Management
  3. Apps Management
  4. Newsletter Management and Newsletter Sending
  5. Manage Users
  6. Settings
  7. Banner Management
  8. Apps Screenshot Managements
  9. Submit Apps (Add Apps)
  10. etc..


  1. PHP 5+
  2. MySQL 5+
  3. GD2
  4. CURL
  5. Safe_mode off

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Change Logs:

Update V1.8.3

+ Empty Category Fetch Problem.
+ Youtube Video ID fetch Problem
+ Mobile Template, Added the Play Store URL
+ Moblie Site fix the Filesize
+ Small improvement in scraping.

Update V1.8.2

+ Fixed the AppScraping Bulk
+ Fixed Single Apps Scraping Admin Panel
+ Fixed Single Apps Scraping User Panel

Update V1.6

+ Admin Panel Query Fix
+ Add SEO URL for AppDetail Page
+ Fix CURL Scrapping (SSL issue)

Update V1.5

+ Fix Scrapper Problem
+ Fix Regex for App Scrapping
+ Fix Admin Panel Query Display
+ Fix Screenshot Problem on most server

Update V1.4

+ Regex Fix for Icon and Images
+ Fix the Title and Discription on Apps
+ Fix another problem with the US Store

Update V1.3

+ Fix Duplication Problem
+ Fix Navigation Problem.. Search and others
+ Now display Apps from the Same Developer form the AppDetail Page
+ Small other errors

Update V1.2

+ Add Auto Scrapping Feature
+ Fix Google Regex Problem
+ Now Script work Outside USA
+ Add Extra Security

Update V1.1:

+ Fix ICON Image Grabbing GOOGLE was changed the URL
+ Add Option after Deleting app iCON/Screenshot and App Records delete from database
+ Add After Adding App Sucessfuly Page redirect to ADD App From
+ Fix couple of other Bugs

V1: Released:

We will do…:

  1. 50 sales >>> Free Auto Apps Scrapping Script << DONE (Hight number or request)
  2. 150 Sales >>> Comment and Raiting SYSTEM
  3. 300 Sales >>> a HUGE Surprice :D


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Username: admin

Password: admin


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