Andaired Suite

Andaired Suite includes two tools for mobile applications development:

Andaired: A tool for creating Android and iOS apps from Flash content. It uses Adobe AIR SDK to compile mobile apps. Adobe AIR is bundled with mobile apps so you don’t have to worry about dependencies. It lets you visually created required certificate,set the icon and make application descriptor XML. Most Flash games will require optimizations in code and will require to include BACK button functionality for Android. It provided mobile Adobe AIR simulator to debug your Flash games and trace the errors. iOS exporter will require provisioning profile and developer certificate issued by Apple. There is workaround for this by using fake provisioning profile and developer certificate. Later you will have to test compiled IPA file using iTunes on Windows.

Not all devices are compatible with Adobe AIR mobile apps since it requires ARMv7 CPU.

HTML5Core: A tool for creating mobile apps from responsive blog,website or HTML5 web content. It provides exporters for Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, Firefox OS, Amazon WebApps,Chrome App store. You can monetize your Android apps using AdMob,RevMob,Samsung AdHub and AirPush Bundle SDK. It’s also possible to display Flash content if user has installed Flash Player for Android,but not all Flash games are compatible with mobile Flash Player and most users don’t have installed Flash Player by default. Current version HTML5 performance is limited by stock Android browser features. It will be soon updated with more powerful browser engine.

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Version 2.3

  • Android: Added version information control. Now it’s much easier to increase version number
  • Android: Removed AirPush Universal and AirPush Play
  • Android: Added Samsung AdHub
  • Android: Added AirPush Bundle
  • Android: Updated AdMob with Google Play Services edition
  • Android: Minor improvements and bugfixes.
  • Android: Added option to remove web cache.
  • Android: Flash games now closes properly when using exit popup.
  • No more sound in a background and memory leak.
  • +Added Amazon Kindle Fire exporter
  • Android: Updated RevMob to 6.8.2