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Hello, I am looking for the Plugin like yours, is it also possible to apply timed content rules to Widgets?

It is not possible yet with this plugin, but I would like to implement something like that in the future.

Alternate Timed Widgets is now available

before i want to buy this plugin. Need to ask few things, i have a radio website with dj shows on air. With this plugin can i automatically update the page content without the need of refreshing the page manually. If so, please do let me know. If not, then i can look for something else for my website

The content would not dynamically change on a page when the set times occur. The user would need to refresh the page to see the alternate content.

Hi. Do shortcodes work inside this plugin? Thanks.


is it possible to refresh the page automatically without being necessary the users doing this by themselves?

Sorry, this is not possible.

Does your Plugin work with Visual Composer too?

It is not yet able to display Visual Composer content.

I need a plugin that will show a POST only on a specific Month and Day, but not any specific year. So one post will appear every Jan 1, Jan 2, etc, even every Feb 29 (once every 4 years). I’ve searched many plugins and can’t find any daily content that manages posts (sortable by categories). Will this one do that?

Sorry, this plugin does not show/hide posts, it allows you to display different content for the page/post based on dates/times that you specify.

Hey, amazing 1.1.2 udate!. With the daily new option, like your new product “Alternate Timed Widgets”. Thanks…

Thanks for the compliments and purchase!

Hey I like this plugin i would like to combine your plugins so I would like to know if its possible. I would like to have a the news ticker with scheduled content. Like on this date at this time show this content, the alternate with some other content. Is this possible?

The only way to do this would be to create multiple news tickers and then add the shortcodes to a page using Alternate Timed Content to display specific tickers at specific times.

I need a plugin, which shows one (of two) pictures depending on time. One image has to be shown from 8 am to 6 pm, the other from 6 pm to 8 am. Is this possible with your plugin?

Yes, this is possible with this plugin.


The plugin looks great but is there an option to be able to set dates without it having to be a certain year?

For a seasonal business for example to have content change every year from July – Dec for example?

This option does not exist currently, but I think I will try and figure out how to accomplish this and add it to the next update.

Hi! This plugin sounds cool! Just one question. Is it possible to publish a content based on different time of the day (for example during the morning and the night) but not from day X until day X ?

Yes, you can set it based on time of day.

Hi, I have presale question. I have 3 videos and text (breakfast luch, dinner) and I want them to appear at specific time and then disappear when its time to bring the next video and menu.. I can do this with your module?

Yes, you would be able to do this as long as the videos are contained in the content.

hi. probably an obvious question, but just want to confirm that i can use this to show different content (restaurant menu) based on the day of the week…Monday, Tuesday, Weds, etc. thanks

thanks joe

worked perfectly. brilliant. thanks.

Thanks for your purchase!

Greetings, I have a pre-purchase question:

I would like to have to sliders (shortcodes) on a page which could be alternate at a specific time. Ex:

Slider 1 on Mondays and Wednesdays (or every 2 days) is displayed

Slider 2 on Thuesday and Friday

One slider at the time. The goal is to alternate the two sliders regularly.

Thank you in advance.

If there are attributes to set on the shortcode you could use the same slider, but use different attributes in the main content and alternate content. Is that what you are asking?

What I would like is to automatically replace one slider by other on the same page. Sliders are represented by short codes. As I described one slider/short ode would be shown on Monday, for instant, and second one on Tuesday, then first on Wednesday, second on Thursday, etc. Briefly I would like to alternate them (or several other sliders) using a given scheduling.

I do not think there is an option to set any attributes to a slider shortcode.

PS The Slider in question is Master Slider plugin for Wordpress.

Ok, that all sounds fine and is possible with this plugin.

Ehm, we just bought this item a few minute ago and are quite disturbed. Before purchasing we just red the comments and user were told to switch even particular content such as images… But do have to copy&paste the entire content of site or posts and just exchange the placeholder content??

I’m not quite sure what is disturbing to you.

The alternate content you add completely replaces whatever is added to the main content editor. So, if you just want to replace one word on a Wednesday (for example) you would add an alternate content field to your page/post and duplicate what you have in the main content and then swap out the words you want to display on Wednesday.

As per the description on the project page:

“Create alternate content for your posts and pages based on custom dates, days, and times. The alternate content will replace all content that is added to the default editor.

Thanks for your purchase!

Since we were not sure to understand this sentence “The alternate content will replace ALL content that is added to the default editor.” we read the comments.

In this context ALL could mean “any kind of” or “in total”. However, your plugin might be a pretty nice solutions for lots of use cases. Sadly we update our content quite often and intend to switch certain content depending on daytime…so this is just not appropriate in our case :/

Is there any way to have a refund? :(

The only way to try and get a refund would be to go through Envato’s support system.

I understand that duplicating a whole pages content (especially if you have a lot of content on a page) may seem cumbersome, but it’s still as easy as doing a quick copy/paste and changing the few things you want to change.

Hi, as you said before the plugin doesnt work with Visual Composer but works with shortcodes.

Two questions:

1) Does it work with the shortcodes of Visual Composer? 2) Does it work with the shortcodes of Avada Themes?

1. It will work with VC shortcodes, but with limitations. It won’t render any of the Design Options, and most likely not the Responsive options either. Plus, I can’t say for sure if all shortcodes will work.

2. I don’t have any knowledge of Avada Themes, so I can’t say

In both cases (and any other), you can display any content that can be “normally” displayed in the default Visual Editor. The issue with VC, and possibly Avada is that they have custom hooks that trigger for shortcodes that fire in the page head and/or other filters attached specifically to the main WP_Query loop… so, those elements/scripts never get loaded or attached during the Alternate Content render.

Can you show content on multiple days, but not to a regular pattern? i.e. I input a series of random dates and that particular content shows up on these dates?

Yes, you could accomplish this but it would require making multiple alternate content fields (with the same content) and setting specific start & end days for each one.

There are multiple settings to create a pattern based on date, weeks, and days but there isn’t a single multi-individual date selector for a single alternate content field.