Alternate Timed Content

Alternate Timed Content

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Alternate Timed Content 1.1.2

Create alternate content for your posts and pages based on custom dates, days, and times. The alternate content will replace all content that is added to the default editor.

  • Dates – Set specific calendar dates to show the alternate content.
  • Days – Set specific days of the week to show the alternate content.
  • Daily – Set specific timeframes for each day to display the alternate content.

Use a combination of these settings to show your alternate content exactly when you want to!

This plugin simply adds an alternate meta box below each post editor in which you will add other content and schedule the time for that content to show. Then you schedule the time when that content should stop showing and return back to your normal content. This also supports the same TinyMCE buttons in your default editor, which really makes everything easy!

What’s NEW from Metaphor Creations:

Update Log

= 1.1.2 =
  • Added Days of the week options for Daily setting
  • Added better data sanitization
  • Metabox updates
  • Added post notification when Alternate Timed Content is currently being displayed
= 1.1.1 =
  • Fixed jQuery error on not admin post pages.
= 1.1.0 =
  • Added ability to set multiple alternate content.
  • Completely reworked metabox display.
  • Automatically updates to new meta configuration.
  • Fixed a couple bugs in alt content calculations.
= 1.0.1 =
  • Converted to new auto-updater.