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  • Envato staff look over every item before it can be sold on Envato Market.
  • Technical items contain help files to introduce you to the item and its components.
  • Authors can choose to support their items but this is optional and may vary.

Author support for this item

The author of this item, SurStudio, will respond to buyers’ questions and provide limited support through the following contact form.

Additional information from SurStudio:

Item support includes:
  • Responding to questions or problems regarding the item and its features
  • Fixing bugs and reported issues
  • Providing updates to ensure compatibility with new software versions

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Frequently Asked Questions

I assume that the Translator Pro files sizes are bigger than the Translator Lite, right? And how much bigger?

Not much bigger, you can see that by yourself using the Chrome developer tools or the Firebug plugin for Firefox. In the Pro version, the Javascript file is 7kb bigger, but uses 2 CSS files (one for the basic style and another for the skin), and Lite uses only one CSS file.

Do both Translator Pro and Translator Lite are able to handle cufon?

Both can handle cufon. But it isn’t handled automatically, the difference is that the Pro version includes a way to doing it in the samples. You can do it too with the Lite version, but you’ll have to come up with your own set of functions to place on the onComplete event.

I need an option that isn’t available, would you implement it for me?

Maybe :) please send me an email using the form on the right side of the page and I’ll see what I can do.

Will the Translator Pro take longer to load than the Translator Lite?

The difference lies on how many languages do you want to display (assuming you’re displaying their flags). In the Lite version, there’s an image file for every flag; and in the Pro version, there’s only one file with all flags (it also has single files for use by IE6). So the Pro version will be faster if you’re displaying all the flags, or the Lite will be faster if you’re displaying only a couple of flags.

When to contact Help Team

Authors are experts on their own items, but if you're having trouble using Envato Market you should come straight to Help Team.