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Ajax Search Pro for WordPress was designed to boost the user search experience to the maximum. It provides a live ajax search, which makes the wordpress search experience more confortable. The results are presented with images (if any found), so they look more attractive and less flat. The search works with mobile devices, let it be Android or IOS powered.

More than 60 colorful, fully customizable themes will save you time with the CSS hussle, so you can focus more on the presentation.

The backend offers hundreds of options for those, who like to customize the search to the maximum. Many features were implemented based on customer feedbacks, and even more coming soon.

The plugin is updated regulary based on customer feedbacks and bug reports. Every support ticket is answered within 48 hours, usually in 12 hours (except for weekends).

Ajax Search Pro for WordPress features

Four built-in layouts: Vertical, Horizontal, Polaroid and Isotopic. 60+ pre-defined theme for each layout, including the ones on the demo page.
The search supports posts, pages and any kind of custom post type. WooCommerce, Jigoshop, wp-Ecommerce and many other plugins use custom post types – so they are all compatible with Ajax Search Pro.
The plugin provides a customizable frontend settings interface for users. By ticking a few checkboxes the user can change the behaviour of the plugin – like looking for exact matches, including/excluding certain post types, categories or custom taxonomies (like product categories)
Use the variety of high resolution, vectorized and colorizable svg icons or upload your own if you want to.
The search has built in libraries with extreme compatibility for image handling. They can parse through content, excerpt, custom fields or just simply display the featured image.
Three different widget ase provided (latest searches, top searches and search box) and two shortcodes for each search. Shortcode buttons are also visible on the post editor.
Having a multisite network? You can select which blogs you want to include in each individual search instance. You can search multiple blogs at the same time.
A fully configurabe relevance options panel is provided for those, who like to fine-tune their plugins. If your databse uses the MyIsam engine, you can switch to fulltext search and create indexes for even more relevant results.
Google keyword suggestions and autocomplete is enabled by default. The suggestions language is changeable.
The search phrase can be highlighted in the results list. You can change the color of the highlighting as well.
By enabling the search statistics will give you an insight on which phrases are the most popular on your website.
With a push of a button you can integrate google analytics to the search, so the phrases will show up as pageviews on your analytics dashboard.
For websites with higher traffic caching is provided to reduce the database queries and increase the search performance.
Compatibility options will provide you a quick fix interface in case something is not working properly.

New features from version 3.0! (2014.08.04)

  • New latout type: Isotopic
  • 2 New theme groups: Underline and Simple
  • New retina ready SVG icons
  • Smaller CSS files
  • Better javascript compatibility
  • WPML support
  • Google Analytics Integration module
  • Brand new backend
  • Scroll-to-results option
  • Keyboard navigation for vertical results
  • Multiple instances of search boxes are now possible
  • Better preview
  • Shortcode buttons on the Post editor
  • Better image options and image handling


  • 250+ possible options on admin panel
  • 60+ pre-defined fully customisable themes
  • Vertical / Horizontal / Polaroid and Isotopic styled results list
  • Multiple search plugins on one page – You can configure all of them separately!
  • Google Keyword Suggestions on no results, witch a language selector
  • Responsive width
  • Search caching & image precaching for better performace
  • Search in public custom fields is now possible!
  • 2 New widgets: Latest searched keywords and Top searched keywords! – You can setup a sidebar widget of the latest/top used keywords and even trigger a search by clicking on them!
  • Results filtering by custom taxonomies is now possible yay!
  • Search relevance options with adjustable weight values
  • Retina ready SVG icons
  • WPML support
  • Google Analytics Integration module
  • Scroll-to-results option
  • Keyboard navigation for vertical results
  • Multiple instances of search boxes are now possible
  • Better preview
  • Shortcode buttons on the Post editor
  • Better image options and image handling
  • Hooks – Filters & Actions for developers
  • For the full list see the changelog down below!
  • Search statistics page
  • Default search text
  • Intelligent image parsing (possible from post featured image, post content, post excerpt, possible to set priorities as well)
  • Custom Post Types support – You can select which post types do you want to search! Tested with BBPress!
  • qTranslate compatible
  • Font, color, border, box shadow options
  • Keyword Highlighting in search results
  • Works in templates and in post and pages as well
  • Search widget also included
  • Preview window on the admin page
  • Mobile support
  • Frontend Search options popup
  • Possible to search in Posts, Pages and Products (WooCommerce, Jigoshop, WP-ecommerce)
  • Image caching + TimThumb for alternative solution
  • Very easy installation and set up
  • Powerful api for controlling the search from other frontend applications
  • jQuery powered, for the best possible compatibility
  • Show more results link below the search box
  • WordPress 3.4+ compatibility!
  • Multisite support!
  • Search autocomplete with search statistics or google keywords!
  • Error checking module
  • Shortcodes can be executed in search results
  • Search result content HTML tag stripping is possible
  • Category selectors on the frontend – It’s possible to filter the posts by categories
  • You can select custom fields as post title and description
  • Post grouping by category or post type!
  • Search in comments
  • It’s possible to exclude categories or posts from the search!
  • Stable, custom built jQuery for maximum compatibility
  • Shortcodes strippable/executable in results
  • Supports pages with categories/taxonomies
  • Fulltext search capabilities:
    • Natural language search
    • Boolean mode search
    • Fallback if the database doesn’t support MyIsam engine
  • Compatible Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin’s:
    • Text field
    • Textarea field
    • Number field
    • Email field
    • WYSIWYG editor field

What do the customers say?

As of version 2.4 the plugin provides fulltext search capabilities including:

  • Natural language search, by creating 6 indexes on the WordPress posts table.
  • Boolean mode search for shorter keywords
You can turn it on/off on the Fulltext search options page. By default the search automatically chooses the best available solution for your database.

Are you a developer?

You don’t need to worry about touching the code and loosing all the changes with upgrades. The search is packed with hooks for the most convenient access. (the lists are located at the action.txt and filters.txt files as well as in the documentation) No frustration = faster coding.

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References – See them for yourself!

Version History
2014.03.12 - 3.0 - Major update
 - New latout type: Isotopic
 - 2 New theme groups: Underline and Simple
 - New retina ready SVG icons
 - WPML support
 - Google Analytics Integration module
 - Brand new backend
 - Scroll-to-results option
 - Keyboard navigation for vertical results
 - Multiple instances of search boxes are now possible
 - Better preview
 - Better compatibility module
 - Shortcode buttons on the Post editor
 - Better image options and image handling
 - Smaller CSS files
 - Better javascript compatibility

2014.03.12 - 2.4 - Major update
 - Fulltext search capabilities
 - Fulltext indexing the posts table (post_title, post_content, post_excerpt)
 - A few bugs in the suggestions code

2014.03.06 - 2.3 - Minor changes
 - Polaroid styled results (experimental)
 - Shortcodes now strippable from results
 - Now supports pages with categories
 - Some Buddypress/Nextgen compatibility issues solved

2014.02.18 - 2.10 - Minor/Performance changes
 - Much better relevance sorting!
 - Overall performance rework – much faster ajax results
 - TimThumb available for faster image loading
 - Compatibility settings added – Inline styles and Non-minified javascript
 - Cache options reworked + Better image precache

2014.01.10 - 2.00 - Major update
!!!Important - Older version users, please
   delete your search instances and the plugin before installing!!!
 - Search relevance with adjustable weights
 - Results filtering by custom taxonomies
 - Horizontal results
 - Result list placement to custom element via shortcode
 - Hooks - Filters & Actions added, full list in documentation
 - Frontend layout - Many changes here
    * The frontend options bar can be set to left/right
    * Vertical/Horizontal result list
    * Better mobile device compatibility (tap/search button on keyboard)
    * Color change on result hovering
    * Better scrollbar
    * Search box height changeable
    * Search box margin changeable            
 - Backend rework - better
 - Themes reworked
 - +~40 new options on the backend
 - Backgroung gradient tool
 - Faster cache, better image cache
 - Nicer icons, better theme configurations
 - Better compatibility
 - ~50% less javascript
 - ~3x load performance

2013.05.21 - 1.81 - Minor Update
 - exact matches fix
 - some fixes on admin area
 - widget code fix

2013.05.08 - 1.80 - Major Update
 - 11 new themes
 - Admin page fix
 - Caching, precaching
 - Better images
 - iPhone fix

2013.04.16 - 1.70 - Major Update
 - Error check module
 - Css fixes
 - Shortcode running in search result content
 - Strip tags
 - Better search on BBPress forums

2013.04.16 - 1.65 - Minor Update
 - menu structure fix
 - blog titles search added

2013.02.13 - 1.60 - Major Update
- 9 new minimal themes
- minify fix, works with mobile
- mobile typing fix
- Search: custom fields as title and desc, multisite grouping fix

2013.02.07 - 1.50 - Major Update
 * Category selectors on the frontend
 * Category/Post type filtering
 * Search in comments
 * Exclude posts by id's or categories 
 * Stable, custom built jQuery for maximum compatibility
 * Better search algorithm    

2012.12.13 - 1.40 - Major Update
 * Multisite support
 * Better admin interface, ajax powered
 * Autocomplete with statistics or google keywords
 * Touch device fixes
 * Possible enable/disable the triggering events

2012.12.13 - 1.30 - Major Update
 * WordPress 3.5 support
 * Show more results link added

2012.11.22 - 1.25 - Minor Update
 * jQuery outerheight fix
 * qTranslate support

2012.11.21 - 1.2 - Major Update
 * Search Statistics
 * Search in custom fields
 * 2 new widgets - Last searches and Top searches
 * Default Search Text option added
 * Compatibility issues fix (with older versions of jQuery ui)
 * Faster image parsing
 * Better keywords parsing

2012.11.14 - 1.1 - Major Update
 * Buddypress Support added (search in groups, forums, users)
 * Search term highlighting on the frontend
 * Custom post types supported
 * New custom post type selector on the backend
 * Translation support for frontend selectors
 * Language selector for google keyword suggestions
 * The whole item area is now clickable

2012.11.07 - 1.01 - Error reporting issue fixed.