Ajax Portfolio Grid for WordPress

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Ajax Portfolio Grid for WordPress is a sleek and minimal plugin packed full of awesome features. The plugin puts your work first, keeping the design elements to a minimum while still maintaining a definitive modern style. Portfolio items are loaded in smoothly using ajax, and can be filtered to display different categories without re-loading the page. This makes browsing your portfolio a much quicker and more enjoyable experience. Complete Responsive Layout – Choose from 2 to 12 columns for your layout. No matter what column you choose, the grid will adapt automatically to the viewer’s device. Drag n Drop Slideshow Builder – 6 different slide types to choose from, you can now build the project’s slideshow using a drag and drop interface. Automatic Thumbnail Resizing – Images are automatically cropped and resized which makes publishing galleries and slideshows as easy as pie! Infinite Loading – Now supports infinite lazy loading on scroll. No matter how many projects you have, the plugin will only display them when needed. On-scroll Animation Effects – 3 beautiful eye-catching transition effects on scroll for the grid items to impress your visitors with stunning animations. Visual Shortcode Editor – The new and improved visual shortcode editor sits right above the WP Editor so that you can insert portfolio items whenever you want. CSS3 Hardware Acceleration – The plugin makes full use of hardware accelerated CSS3 animations and falls back to jQuery animation on unsupported browsers. Mobile Device Ready – The plugin is fully responsive and uses retina icons on mobile devices. It also supports touch swipe to navigate between galleries. Lightweight and Optimized for Speed – Apart from hardware and GPU acceleration, the script uses reusable DOM elements which makes it highly efficient on mobile browser.

# Ajax Portfolio Grid for WordPress  #

- Version: 1.1.0
- Date: Aug 2013
- Author: WP Themers
- Website: http://www.wpthemers.net/

## Changelog
    + Pagination support added.
    + Custom caption for the grid.
    # Fix compatibility with Woo Commerce.
    # Fix category sortable grid issue with WP 3.8
    ^ Dependency on Gravity Framework & Portfolio Post Type Plugin.
    ^ Changed the way Previous/Next buttons work.
    - Removed in built custom meta box code. 

    + New Slide Type - Gallery, Audio (Online/Self Hosted), Video (Online/Self Hosted)
    + HTML 5 Video/Audio via MediaElement.js
    + AJAX pagination - Previous/Next Buttons
    + More control over post's query. Added Orderby and Order parameters
    + Captions using ThumbFX's Overlayer.
    - Removed Video-only Slide.
    ^ Changed jQuery Animate method with CSS3 Transitions.
    ^ Slideshow changed from infinite to 'end on last slide'.
    ^ Changed PHP class to function for ajax_html. The 'class' seemed to take more time when
      called via AJAX.
    # Minor CSS fixes for iFrames and slideshow
    $ Language files updated

    + Initial Release

    * -> Security Fix
    # -> Bug Fix
    $ -> Language fix or change
    + -> Addition
    ^ -> Change
    - -> Removed
    ! -> Note