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Why would I need Twitter notification?

The Twitter feature was aimed primarily at the iPhone / Blackberry users; the iPhone in particular can send and receive e-mails every hour but when set like this is not only depreciates battery life but continues day & night!

By notifying users via Twitter they can receive just 1 push notification and decide whether they need to respond quickly or not. We’ve found this incredibly useful (of corse we use this form ourselves!)

On that same note, for those without webmail access this allows them to see who needs to get in contact quickly, easily and most importantly form anywhere with data access. For those who don’t need the feature, it can be turned off completely in seconds with just 1 variable setting.


How do I send to multiple recipients?

$address = "example@codecanyon.net";
Replace with:
$address = "example1@codecanyon.net";
$address .= ",example2@codecanyon.net";
$address .= ",example3@codecanyon.net";

How do I redirect them to a page after they send an email?

In jquery.jigowatt.js, find:

if(data.match('success') != null) $('#contactform').slideUp('slow');

Replace with:

if(data.match('success') != null) window.location.replace("http://google.com");

How do I accept numbers like (300) 688-2929 ?? Right now I can only accept 3006882929

} elseif ( !is_numeric( $phone ) ) {
Replace with
} else if (!preg_match('/\(?\d{3}\)?[-\s.]?\d{3}[-\s.]\d{4}/x', $phone)) {

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