AJAX Cart for HTML websites with Orders & Invoices


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Symbiotic – AJAX Cart is a powerful system which can be integrated to new/old HTML websites to extend their functionality as a Cart. You don’t need to use OpenCart or any other cart for your e-commerce website. You can create your own e-commerce website in minutes using this Cart system.

No need to Have any Knowledge of PHP,MySql.
No need to mess with codes,Just Copy Simple Code Created by Admin Panel


  • Easy Integration.
  • Built with Bootstrap.
  • Fully Ajax.
  • Fully Loaded Admin Panel. (DEMO USER:admin@hayer.me PWD:admin)
  • Customer Area (DEMO USER:customer@hayer.me PWD: customer)
  • Customer can Login & Register with Facebook.
  • Shipping Options.
  • Product Images.
  • Product Description.
  • Order track id.
  • Order track url.
  • Orders management System.
  • New Order Notification to Admin.
  • Change Order / Payment Status.
  • Full List of Products in order details page.
  • Create printable Invoices.
  • Dual Administration: 2 types of admin users (1) Admins (2) Workers
  • Products Management.
  • Add / Remove Products.
  • Add / Remove Product options.
  • Attractive Discount Coupons Functionality.(Try “SYM10” & “30USD” during checkout)
  • “Viral Discount” (Like on Facebook or Google+ for discount).
  • Custom Prices.
  • Multiple Currencies.
  • 7 Payment Gateways.
  • TechProcess (TPSL)and CCAvenue for Indian customers.
  • PayPal & Skrill (MoneyBookers).
  • Cash on Delivery.
  • API for adding new Gateways.
  • Free Updates.
  • 100% Support.
  • Email Invoices to customer after completing checkout

This item is under active development. You Will see more features with time :)

Live Demo

Demo Cart
AdminPanel (Admin access): User: admin@hayer.me Pwd:admin
AdminPanel (Worker access): User: worker@hayer.me Pwd:worker
Customer Panel User: customer@hayer.me Pwd:customer

Integration Docs

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Change Log

  • V6 (Coming this weekend)
    Multiple Product Images - Added
    Editable Product Options - Added
    No configration required in cart.js by now.(means no editing required to setup cart)
    Script Updated to PDO from mysql (http://php.net/manual/en/migration55.deprecated.php)
    Security Bugs - Fixed
    Performance - Enhanced
    Brand new Admin Layout
    Minor Bugs -Fixed
    Script encoding updated to UTF-8 without BOM
    Add Product Page - Fixed (it was page encoding issue)
    Edit Product Page - Fixed (it was page encoding issue)
  • v5.1.2
    Add Product Page - Fixed 
    Edit Product Page - Fixed 
  • v5.1.1
    Error saving category issue - Fixed
    Add Product Page - Fixed 
    Edit Product Page - Fixed 
  • v5.1
    Categories - Added
    Search - Added
    Paypal Currency - Fixed
    Bugs - Fixed
  • v5
    Product Page - Added
    Integration Page - Added
    Email notification - Improved
    Random password during Facebook Sign-up - Revised
    Facebook login - Improved + Fixed
    Documentation - Revised
    Bootstrap updated to 3 - Fixed
    Bugs - Fixed
  • v4.2
    CCAvenue - Fixed
    Viral Discounts - Fixed
    Email notification - Fixed
  • v4.1
    Show Cart Count - Added
    Admin Panel - Improved
    Email notification - Improved
    Random password during Facebook Sign-up - Revised
    Coupons - Improved + Fixed
    Documentation - Revised
    CCAvenue gateway - Fixed
    Bugs - Fixed
  • v4
    Admin Bootstrap - Added
    reCaptcha - Added
    Facebook integration - Improved
    Order track id (Courier track) - Added
    Order track url (Courier track) - Added
    Order note - Added
    Cart Engine - Updated
    Ajax Onepage Checkout - Improved
    Admin Panel - Improved
    Userpanel - Improved
    Responsive Design - Improved
    Performance - Enhanced
    Documentation - Revised
    Bugs - Fixed
  • v3
    Bootstrap - Added
    Product Images - Added
    Product Description - Added
    Cart Engine - Updated
    Ajax Onepage Checkout - Improved
    Shipping - Changed to Per-Item
    Product Stock - Added
    Viral Discounts - Fixed
    Admin Panel - Improved
    Userpanel - Improved
    Responsive Design - Improved
    Security Fixes (MySql Injection Protection, Password Hashing etc)
    Performance - Enhanced (2x faster)
    Documentation - Revised
    Bugs - Fixed
  • v2.5.2
    One page Checkout (100% AJAX, no refresh)- Added
    Viral Discount - Improved
    User Panel - Improved
  • v2.5.1
    Cart empties after logout. - Added
    Currency Decimal Point - Fixed
    Processor - Fixed
    Paypal - Fixed
    Viral Discounts - Fixed
    Documentation - Reviewed
  • v2.5
    Sub-Directory Installation Support - Added
    Shipping Options - Added
    Login & Register with Facebook- Added
    Coupons- Improved
    Quantity Field of Items  - Added
    Tax  - Added
    Order Notification to Admin  - Added
    User & Admin area - Improved
    Checkout - Improved
    Core Changes - Changed
    Documentation - Improved
  • V2.0.1
    Email Issue - Fixed
    Logo - Changed
  • V2.0
    Customer's Shipping Address - Added
    Customer Order Status - Added
    Customer Area - Added (Most Awaited)  (USER customer@concept8.in PWD: customer)
    Bank Deposit and Store Pick-up (Gateway) - Added
    Performance - Improved
    Core Changes - Changed
  • V1.1
    Attractive Discount Coupons Functionality - Added
    "Viral Discount" (Like on Facebook or Google+ for discount) - Added
    Printable Invoices for customer also - Added
    Skrill Gateway - Fixed
    Performance - Improved
    Admin Icons - Changed
  • V1.0 (Release Version)


Built by Gursharanjit Singh using Bootstrap v3.2.0 and jQuery v2.1.1 in India

Licences: Bootstrap v3.2.0, jQuery v2.1.1 and CodeCanyon Standard license


For Support please mail at my email address.Please don’t ask for support in Comments.

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