AJAX Cart for HTML websites with Orders & Invoices


Symbiotic – AJAX Cart is a powerful system which can be integrated to new/old HTML websites to extend their functionality as a Cart. You don’t need to use OpenCart or any other cart for your e-commerce website. You can create your own e-commerce website in minutes using this Cart system.

Now with the installation of this effective plug-in, webmaster and user can easily add the shopping cart facilities to their HTML websites. This plug-in is built using the responsive and Bootstrap feature. This plug-in comes loaded with multiple payment gateways, user panel, discount coupons, addresses and shipping options. This plug-in is also good to use with devices such as tablets, desktops and mobile phones.

No need to Have any Knowledge of PHP,MySql.
No need to mess with codes,Just Copy simple code Created by Admin Panel

This item is under active development. You Will see more features with time :)

Live Demo

Demo Cart
AdminPanel (Admin access): User: admin@bakemysite.com Password: admin
AdminPanel (Worker access): User: worker@bakemysite.com Password: worker
Customer Panel User: customer@bakemysite.com Password: customer

Integration Docs

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Change Log

  • V7.1
    Admin Password reset bug removed ( Users of V7 just need to replace sym-admin\include\classes\class.user.php with the same file in this version. New Buyers can install normally.
  • V7
    Customers Search - Added
    Customer info Page - Added
    Multiple Shipping Regions for Item. - Added
    CCAvenue Gateway updated
    Password Encryption - Improved
    Performance -  Improved
    Documentation - Updated
  • V6.0.2
    Documentation - Updated
  • V6.0.1
    Minimum order total setting  - Added
  • V6
    Multiple Product Images - Added
    Editable Product Options - Added
    Live search - Added
    No configration required in cart.js by now.(means no editing required to setup cart)
    Script Updated to PDO from mysql (http://php.net/manual/en/migration55.deprecated.php)
    Security Bugs - Fixed
    Performance - Enhanced
    Brand new Admin Layout
    Minor Bugs -Fixed
    Script encoding updated to UTF-8 without BOM
    Add Product Page - Fixed (it was page encoding issue)
    Edit Product Page - Fixed (it was page encoding issue)
  • v5.1.2
    Add Product Page - Fixed 
    Edit Product Page - Fixed 
  • v5.1.1
    Error saving category issue - Fixed
    Add Product Page - Fixed 
    Edit Product Page - Fixed 
  • v5.1
    Categories - Added
    Search - Added
    Paypal Currency - Fixed
    Bugs - Fixed
  • v5
    Product Page - Added
    Integration Page - Added
    Email notification - Improved
    Random password during Facebook Sign-up - Revised
    Facebook login - Improved + Fixed
    Documentation - Revised
    Bootstrap updated to 3 - Fixed
    Bugs - Fixed
  • v4.2
    CCAvenue - Fixed
    Viral Discounts - Fixed
    Email notification - Fixed
  • v4.1
    Show Cart Count - Added
    Admin Panel - Improved
    Email notification - Improved
    Random password during Facebook Sign-up - Revised
    Coupons - Improved + Fixed
    Documentation - Revised
    CCAvenue gateway - Fixed
    Bugs - Fixed
  • v4
    Admin Bootstrap - Added
    reCaptcha - Added
    Facebook integration - Improved
    Order track id (Courier track) - Added
    Order track url (Courier track) - Added
    Order note - Added
    Cart Engine - Updated
    Ajax Onepage Checkout - Improved
    Admin Panel - Improved
    Userpanel - Improved
    Responsive Design - Improved
    Performance - Enhanced
    Documentation - Revised
    Bugs - Fixed
  • v3
    Bootstrap - Added
    Product Images - Added
    Product Description - Added
    Cart Engine - Updated
    Ajax Onepage Checkout - Improved
    Shipping - Changed to Per-Item
    Product Stock - Added
    Viral Discounts - Fixed
    Admin Panel - Improved
    Userpanel - Improved
    Responsive Design - Improved
    Security Fixes (MySql Injection Protection, Password Hashing etc)
    Performance - Enhanced (2x faster)
    Documentation - Revised
    Bugs - Fixed
  • v2.5.2
    One page Checkout (100% AJAX, no refresh)- Added
    Viral Discount - Improved
    User Panel - Improved
  • v2.5.1
    Cart empties after logout. - Added
    Currency Decimal Point - Fixed
    Processor - Fixed
    Paypal - Fixed
    Viral Discounts - Fixed
    Documentation - Reviewed
  • v2.5
    Sub-Directory Installation Support - Added
    Shipping Options - Added
    Login & Register with Facebook- Added
    Coupons- Improved
    Quantity Field of Items  - Added
    Tax  - Added
    Order Notification to Admin  - Added
    User & Admin area - Improved
    Checkout - Improved
    Core Changes - Changed
    Documentation - Improved
  • V2.0.1
    Email Issue - Fixed
    Logo - Changed
  • V2.0
    Customer's Shipping Address - Added
    Customer Order Status - Added
    Customer Area - Added (Most Awaited)  (USER customer@concept8.in PWD: customer)
    Bank Deposit and Store Pick-up (Gateway) - Added
    Performance - Improved
    Core Changes - Changed
  • V1.1
    Attractive Discount Coupons Functionality - Added
    "Viral Discount" (Like on Facebook or Google+ for discount) - Added
    Printable Invoices for customer also - Added
    Skrill Gateway - Fixed
    Performance - Improved
    Admin Icons - Changed
  • V1.0 (Release Version)


Built by Gursharanjit Singh using Bootstrap v3.2.0 and jQuery v2.1.1 in India

Licences: Bootstrap v3.2.0, jQuery v2.1.1 and CodeCanyon Standard license


For Support please mail at my email address.Please don’t ask for support in Comments.

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