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As a child I was always amazed when I came in the airport by the big departure board hanging on the wall and that rattling sound they make. This facination inspired me to create this plugin that mimics this behaviour.

Airportify will create a grid of these “flaps” and then display the text you give it one letter at a time just like these boards.


In the video preview you can view some of the functionalities that this plugin will give you (video contains lag because my screencast software only records 9 frames per second).

You can also play around with the settings in the live preview.

Supporterd characters

Currently Airportify only supports the letters a to z and the numbers 0 to 9 and some of the most common special characters.

In future updates extra characters will be added


The following is required to make Airportify run:

  • Basic jQuery (and JavaScript) and html knowledge
  • jQuery (minimum 1.4.4 but optimized for 1.7.2)