AIR AS3 Starling abstract Touch Scroll

AIR AS3 Starling abstract Touch Scroll

Supported devices: On any Android or iOS devices that supports Air apps :)

Files Included:

  • .as3proj (FlashDevelop AIR Starling sample project)
  • .fla (simple usage project)
  • .as (source codes)
  • .apk (the sample Android app generated by AIR project)
  • Classes Documentation related files and help files
  • .swf (the sample simple usage preview)

After I have developed the Touch Scroller, I was very satisfied with it and thought that it would be so awesome if I create an abstract version of it to be used in Starling and 3D projects.

I was working on a Starling project and really needed a great and flexible Scroller on GPU environment too, searched a lot but couldn’t find the one that I was looking for, I was too involved and couldn’t stop, so thought why not to create an other Scroller but this time 100% abstract.

Main Features

  • 100% abstract, OOP
  • use it in GPU environment projects, like Starling and 3D projects
  • Set all of the class inputs live at run time
  • CPU & GPU friendly / max performance
  • full interaction with the status of your content
  • Using Greensock tweens engine
  • ability to externally scrolling your content, for Anchor purposes
  • HoldArea option in Touch scrolling for easier interaction with the content
  • Sticky scrolling option, just like Android 3.2+ scrolling and iphone like scrolling
  • lots of more detailed options and attentions

Hope you enjoy it :)

Click or scan the QR Code to download the sample Android app to see how it works on your own mobile device! Of course the Starling Scroller is coded in AS3 and can be used in any AIR mobile apps for IOS/Apple devices too! I just created this file for the sake of an example.


With this package, you have also downloaded our List component that lets you to list different items (in any kind) in different ways. We have used the list component to list 500 items (the sample mobile app Scroller preview). You were wondering how we could manage to scroll 500 items with animations with this high performance? this is with the help of both Scroller and List classes.


In the package that you download you can see the full documentation of the classes with clean sample and example files on how to use it on a regular desktop or mobile rproject.

AS3 multilist scroller for mobile projects

If you are going to create multi-list views so you can swipe them to left or right and be able to scroll them each, you certainly want to take a look at this item: