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What is this script about?

Advanced Youtube Playlist Manager is the first script that allows users to create custom youtube playlists,by inserting their favourite youtube songs links or by uploading a Chrome/Firefox bookmark export file.You may ask yourself,why should an user use this site,and not youtube?Well,it`s pretty simple,youtube`s playlist manager is way to complicated,it requires an youtube account,it doesn`t have a way to share the playlist itself.On the other hand,Advanced Youtube Playlist Manager requires an account that can be made in a few seconds (only if you want to create a playlist),when the songs are changing,the page is not reloading,it`s way easier to use,it has a simple sharing plugin wich allows your users to share the created playlists with their friends.The script also has a page where users can browse for playlists based on different categories or keywords.

Main features

  • Unlimited custom playlists
  • Unlimited videos to any playlist
  • User accounts
  • Admin Panel
  • Ajax Powered
  • Playlists by Chrome/Firefox bookmarks file
  • jQuery effects
  • Adsense ready
  • High security level
And more…

The script is pretty robust,it only needs PHP 5>,Mysql 5> and cUrl extension for PHP.

You can use the user JohnDoe ,with the password JohnDoe if you want to check the user panel.

Here You can see a populated playlist: And here you can see a populated category: