Advanced PHP Ajax Poll System

Advanced PHP Ajax Poll System

UPDATED to v2.0!

This is a Poll System written in PHP using MySQL and jQuery.

This Poll System can create multiple polls with as many as you want poll options using UTF8 format and can be easily added to your page with the following comamnd: getPoll(poll_id);

  • Redesigned UI!
  • Now has 5 unique themes
  • You can Add/Edit/Delete Polls
  • You can Add new poll options when editing a poll, edit its options votes, delete poll options
  • Secure PHP Admin Page
  • Just one PHP file
  • Protected Script and Admin Form.
  • UTF8 poll description and its options
  • Multiple Polls in a page
  • Prevents vote spam
  • Simple Design
  • How to add it to your page:

//include the poll system file
include_once 'poll-system.php';
//get the poll


Please feel free to comment for any question you might have regarding this item.


2.0 (22.12.2013)
  • Updated changelog
  • Redesigned Polls and added 5 new Poll Designs
  • Redesigned the Admin Panel
  • Added Theme selector when adding/editing a poll
  • Added revote timer when adding/editing a poll
  • Added Statistics
  • Updated Documentation

1.1a (7.7.2011)

  • Updated changelog
  • Admin can know view in the admin panel each vote options votes on click
  • Fixed a bug when having multiple polls in same page when clicking on their options.

1.1 (5.7.2011)

  • Updated changelog
  • Fixed a javascript bug(needed 2 clicks to show total votes of the poll option)
  • Poll Visual fixes
  • Minor php code fixes

1.0 (28.6.2011)

  • Updated changelog
  • Initial Release of the script