Advanced Google Maps Plugin for Wordpress

This Google Maps Plugin for wordpress is most advanced google maps ever exists. We developed this by getting valuable feedback from hundred of customers. Below are features this plugin supported.

Download & Test It – Before Purchase

By considering valuable feedback from our clients to develop a lite version of this plugin for testing on own themes,plugins and custom coding, We have released a lite version on wordpress repository. Click Here to download a Lite Version.


  • Display Posts/Pages or custom post types on map
  • Hooks Supported to modify map,locations,listing on fly. Integrate api’s using hooks to the map.
  • Create unlimited maps and display on posts/pages using shortcode.
  • Add unlimited locations using an easy to use interface for Google Maps.
  • Customize marker image for each location separately or group wise. Choose from +500 readymade markers or pick your own image.
  • Display your map perfectly on all devices. Create 100% responsive maps effortlessly.
  • First & the only wordpress plugin to support multiple infowindows with title.
  • Display Google Maps on sidebars using widget.
  • Add any number of Google maps on pages/posts/sidebars.
  • Display Road Map view. This is the default map type.
  • Display Google Earth satellite images on just one click.
  • Display maps in a blend of normal and satellite views.
  • Display physical maps based on terrain information.
  • Apply any type of marker customization on Google map infowindows.
  • Display traffic real time conditions and overlays using Traffic Layers.
  • Add bicycle path information to your maps using the Bicycling Layer.
  • Display physical maps based on terrain information.
  • Apply any type of marker customization on Google map infowindows.
  • Display photos from Panoramio as a layer to your maps using the Panoramio Layer.
  • A Cross Browser Compatible plugin. Fully tested on IE8, IE9, IE10 and all major browsers
  • Enable visual refresh on any Google Map at a button’s click.
  • No need of any Google API key. Based on API Version 3.
  • Fully Responsive. Tested on real devices.
  • Display one infowindow at a time.
  • Multi-lingual Supported.
  • Multisite Enabled and ability to activate it network wide.
  • Define overlays on Google maps via an easy to use interface
  • Design your own Google map skins easily. Turn ON/OFF roads, places, water area.
  • Enable marker clusters if you have too many locations. Just activate and the plugin will handle the rest
  • Display polygons on Google map with options to customize
  • Display polylines on Google map with several customizable options
  • Modify existing polygons/polylines by making locations draggable
  • Define KML Layers on Google Maps
  • Apply 45 Imagery view on Google Maps
  • Fusion Table Layers
  • Awesome Shortcodes to add unlimited locations by address or latitude and longitude.
  • Contact Form 7 Shortcode to include map in contact form 7.
  • An innovative Quick Locations feature to add locations quickly by click.
  • Export/Import Features using CSV/JSON/XML or EXCEL.
  • Ajax based Location Listing.
  • Searchable Location Listing.
  • Paginated Location Listing.
  • Locating Listing Placeholder.
  • Directions & Route Suggestion
  • Nearby locations based on user’s current location.
  • Display multiple colored routes on google maps.

Live Examples

Hooks Supported

if you’re a developer and wants to achieve your own customized functionality on the map or importing locations from external source or display custom fields in the info window or modify locations listing, you can do this easily with help of hooks. You can get details of all hook here.

Awesome Documentation

We have written 89 pages documentation for this plugin to explore every feature of this plugin which helps you to understand it better and achieve your goals with this map plugin.

Version 2.3.6 (minor changes)

  • Blank map on Drawing solved.

Version 2.3.5 (minor changes)

  • Missing Translation words added.
  • Pagination unclosed anchor tag solved.

Version 2.3.4

  • Display all routes directions in a tab
  • New Hook – ‘wpgmp_map_options’ to modify map options on fly.
  • compressed javascript for fastest google map experience.
  • automatically added p tags bug solved when some advanced editor used.

Version 2.3.3

  • Ability to add multiple route directions on the map.
  • Ability to add multiple KML layers on the map.

Version 2.3.2

  • Conflict with NEXT GEN gallery solved.

Version 2.3.1

  • GEOTags Supported – Easiest way to display posts/pages or custom post types on map.
  • Hooks Supported – Use actions & filters to modify map,markers,listing and associated html on fly.
  • Near by Locations based on user’s current location.
  • Display Ajax based, Paginated and Searchable Locations below the Map
  • Define your own HTML for Locations Listing.
  • Location Search Box – Search locations based on Title, Address, Latitude, Longitude, Category.


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We’re requesting all visitors who purchased or not to send us features they want to see in next version. We’re very passionate about this product and willing to make it worth for everyone.