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It would be great if client in the client area could send a message, or comment on the project… So the project manager and client can collaborate some how (If it was possible to upload files that would be awesome too)

Is that possible?

Thanks in advance


Hi, currently it is not possible to send a message or leave a comment behind on the project page. Also adding files is not supported. Thanks for your feedback.

I liked the product. A long time ago I’m looking for a simple CRM.

I am looking for two additional features to your product. They are:

1) A product file would facilitate the inclusion of items.

2) Option to issue invoices and estimates. One option would be to have more than one template (header and footer) to the case to issue an invoice or a quote.

Or invoice status could contain the quote description.


Thank you for your feedback, these options are not present in the plugin, but I will put it on the wanted list :)

Not have the option of sending the invoice by email?


No, this option is not supported. It is on my todolist, because there were multiple requests for this option.

Would love to purchase this plug-in for an upcoming project but unfortunately I need the ability for the admin/client to add comments to the projects (and show the description text for the project)

Would these features be planned for an update in the near future?


They are on the wanted list, but whether these specific functions will be implemented in one of the future releases is not sure.


Okay thanks, one last question but is it possible to have the clients use a signup form on my site and have that info be entered into the manager? Or do I have to enter every client into the system manually?


There is no registration form available, which give the clients an option to save themselves or modify their data.

Yogiboo Purchased

Hi, SInce the last upgrade with tax rate percentage with decimals, I can’t create new contact. Let me explain, when I create a client, I go on contact tab, then click on ‘new contact’ button, but I’ve a blank page. After Chrome, I try on FIrefox…but did’nt improve. I’m not sure it come from the update because I didn’t add a client for months. Did you experience this and solve it ?


I have sent an email with the possible solution :)

Yogiboo Purchased

Thank you. That’s fine now.

This plugin is fine but it would be great if you could add more options for payment gateway such as skrill, 2checkout, payoneer and etc

hi, I am interested in using only the invoice feature of this plugin on my site, and not “client progress” or project status. So on the portal page, I would only want the client to see the invoices (paid and overall) not project status. Is that possible?

The design of the invoice conflicts with the theme css files. Is there any way around this?


Have you checked if the problem still occurs after you have deactivated the Client Manager. If it does it’s another plugin that causes these problems. If it doesn’t, then you have to send me an email trough my profile page with additional information so that I can look at this conflict.

Hi, I need to insert and item with a negative unit price (es -900€) and this value should be subtracted in the main invoice. Is it possible to do this with a simple hack? Thank you. Luca


Please, could someone answer to my question? Thank you


Hi, sorry I haven’t seen you post back then. I just uploaded a new version of the plugin. Here I have added an option where you can enter negative values??. Download the latest version, deactivate and remove the old version (your data will be safe) and install and activate the new version.

Hopefully this solves the problem for you :-). Please, send me an email otherwise

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I have created a Client Portal page and have set it as my Client Portal page under setting. I have also created a invoice and set it as a test client i setup but when I login as that test client a invoice does not show up under the Client Portal page? What am I doing wrong?


If the status is “draft” it doesn’t show up under the clientportal page.

how to translate on rus lang? thx


It isn’t possible to translate the plugin to another language.

yoshituk 1 year ago said You should connect it to Woocommerce! :-)

has this been implemented yet? connecting to WooCommerce would allow us to add items from there as well, yes?


This option is not implemented and it is not on my list for new options for future updates.

Darn, if this had the ability to allow clients to also leave comments, I would purchase this.

Hey, i really like this plugin, invoices are looking great!

by the german law i have to send the invoices with email to my customers… is this integrated? the email must include the actual invoice, not just a link… it also must be customizable for me to include additional informations for manual payments and my ToS

besides of that i have some clients who have recuring payments every 3 month. is there a way to scedule invoice sending or some kind of reminder system for me to create a new invoice?

unfortunatelly without those features its not useable for me :/

regards joschi


It is not possible to send invoices to clients, it is only the online invoice. Recuring invoice option is not integrated.

is it possible to add number a filter to sort the number of employees of the client? i would like to have this on the client manager other than sorting by zip code city and primary contact name


There is no option for this, but if you have experience in writing PHP then you can customize the plugin, the plugin uses the wp_table_list function. Please send me an email trough my profile page if you need more information about it.

Hello Is it possible to have my clients pay with Stripe? can I add my company logo to invoices?


Yes, you can add your own logo to invoices, but your clients can not pay with stripe.

Hey. How do u create a username and password for a client? So they can go on my site, and log in to see their progress. Thanks


You can create a user just like your other users with a client-role. Then you can link this user to a client on the client section of the plugin.

Good Afternoon,

I am looking for a plugin for a photography site where I can upload images for clients – would this plugin make this possible?

Kind regards


I have to tell you that this plugin isn’t suitable for it. There isn’t a function where you can upload photographs or galleries for your clients. I hope you can find a good plugin elsewhere!

Is there a way to link pages to clients? I have been reading the comments, read the documentation and tested the demo site. I would like to create an individual page for each project and have it connected to a specific client. Is this possible with the plugin as it is?

Thanks in advance.


This option isn’t available with this plugin.