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I’m trying to make a custom pop-up in HTML and was wondering if it is possible to change the opacity, as well as the color/opacity of the background lightbox. If someone could help me out with the code, that would be great

BTW, great plug-in!

Thanks much!


Please follow below instruction

First place below code inside footer.php (on your theme page) before close body (< /body >) tag.

            return false;
    function custom_close_box(){ 


Second, use below code inside custom popup content section

<a id="custom_close_popup" style="cursor:pointer">YOUR_IMAGE_TAG_URL_HERE</a>



Added the code to the footer and the custom popup code you suggested, and it worked like a charm!

Thanks so much again!

Hey pixelacehq I’m looking to switch over to your Ad Plus from WP Optins… Their plugin is a little buggy and the Mobil dynamics do not adjust correctly (dietfitnessweightlosssolutions.com). I need to know do your plugin give a blank theme to build on with full customization (Color, Footer, Etc.)? Can I use Contact form 7 as my Auto-responder with your plugin (Shortcodes)? Does your Exit popup allow me to redirect visitors that click LEAVE THIS PAGE? Regular/Single license, can I use this to build my own unlimited sites?


YES, ad plus can do all but we suggest you go for our new plugin ” List Fusion ” : http://codecanyon.net/item/list-fusion-best-popup-and-lead-generation-plugin/8565621

List Fusion has tons of custom template to choose and you can customize it .

100% you can use Contact form 7 as your Auto-responder using plugin (Shortcodes)

100% exit popup allow user to redirect visitors that click LEAVE THIS PAGE.

Please follow link: http://codecanyon.net/licenses/standard for license information.


Is it possible to have a flyin or sticky footer subscribe form with this?


Sorry it is not possible but you can try this plugin



Hi Guys,

How can we get WordPress to stop stripping out your closing tag code: </-APLBP:Popup->

Thanks in advance!


We found wp stripping ad plus close tag, for now there is no way to stop it, please allow us 24 hours we will upgrade our ad plus plugin that will generate new shortcode which by using will not strip.


opcom Purchased

Powerful plugin but just one thing :) Is there a chance to add support for Freshmailemail marketing system? http://freshmail.com/ It’s a big and popular one in some countries. Would be great to have it.

Here is the FreshMail’s API documentation: http://freshmail.com/developer-api/getting-started/


Thanks, we will put this on our upgrade list :)

The plugin looks great. But I realized that I had seen it somewhere else, under the name “ListRocket” and being sold as an up-sale from Sean Donahoe.

1. Is your plugin the same thing? 2. Does your plugin give HTML snippet to post on other non-wordpress sites?


Thanks for the information about the illigial distribution of ad plus, our team look at the issue and we will be taking necesseary action related to the topic if found our copyright violation.

100%, using “ad plus” and “non wp popup” (add-on) plugin for ad plus, will allow Optin, social or ad popup to display in any non wordpress site.



Popup design is 100%’ours, our team looking at the copyright

I’m trying to get the OnClick popup to work within a page/post, but the pull-down menu doesn’t display the custom popups I’ve created. However, it displays the popups just fine when I add them thru the widget to the footer.

I’ve already opened a ticket with the details and a screenshot. Can someone please help me out with this? Thanks much.