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Thanks for new update, great job ;)

Thanks LcParrini :)

Pre-sale questions:

1. RSS feeds? 2. Social sharing of posts? 3. Sitemap generator? 4. Search box? 5. Theme integration, php or framework (smarty, etc.)?


Ehm…sorry, but RSS has to have links from titles. Yours doesn’t have.

Link is within the <guid> tag which is automatically interpreted by the RSS reader.

So if you are using Chrome (RSS is not supported within Chrome) for viewing the RSS feed, everything looks unformatted. On the other hand, if you try it in Firefox for example (or some RSS reader), everything should be fine.

Aha, yes, I’m using Chrome. Sorry:)

Ok, one final question before purchase; Does it come with design already integrated, like in demo? Because my site’s design is similar and it would be easy to integrate, based on the provided theme.

Yes it does. When you install the system, you will get the same visual/design as on the demo site. CMS integration is very simple on the other hand, so it should be easy enough to integrate with any other design


skullJ Purchased

The update is very good!

2 feature requests:

1) The ability to choose themes. A folder for seperate theme with all css,js,images files and all layout php files.

2) More usefull block system. The ability to choose which block displays in which page or category page, etc.Like Drupal, you can add 2 fields: one with php code (or block’s layout) and a second field with slugs (example: blog/*, blog).

Thanks for the suggestions. Will put this on feature todo list.

Homepage shows 404 :)

Thank you for noticing. Someone probably deleted the cms page on demo site while testing. Resetting


i am adding menus but cannot see them other things are working normal, just cannot see menus which i add to system.

what can be wrong? i also check your demo web page we have same menu struct. but still cannot see any menu point on my demo.



you can’t see menus in admin panel or on the front end side? Also please email me your demo link if that’s ok with you.

its working now, but i have other problem i really didn’t understand your system, i using real host so i have my own server mod_rewrite i have enable as default. if i am creating category and link this category in to menu point and click on this menu point don’t become the page and become everytime only 404 page not found error.

send me your email that i can sen you my live url.

kind regards

i send you over support email now


oalves Purchased


I’m trying to upload an image, but allways show this error message:

“The filetype you are attempting to upload is not allowed”

I’ve tryed in your demo, and it shows the same error.


gif|jpg|jpeg|png file types are allowed for upload. Are you trying to upload one of these or maybe something else (.bmp for example or something)?

If it is allowed format, is that happening with every image you try or just a specific one? Sometimes the image itself might be the problem.

Can you please also send me problematic image via email so I can investigate.



oalves Purchased

Other question:

I want to create a post about coding.

I’ve tried “code”, “pre”, and “code” inside “pre”.

None of those works.

I want the post to show the code as I write, for exemple like this:

<?php if($subcategories): ?>
    <?php foreach($subcategories as $subcategory): ?>
        <a href="<?php echo $subcategory->permalink; ?>"><?php echo $subcategory->title; ?></a>
    <?php endforeach; ?>
<?php endif; ?>

New cms update includes the fix for this problem. It should be available shortly for download here on codecanyon.

Hi eridan, When the responsive version will be released?



I will try to include the responsiveness in next cms update (next month probably)

Just a question about CI version, can I use the script with Codeigniter 3.0?= Thanks

There are a lot of core changes and updates in CI version 3 comparing to v2.x so I am afraid that pure replacing with new files will not be enough. It will probably break the script.

But I am aware of the new CI3 release and script should be soon migrated. Hopefully in next update.

How about a search form?

Sorry, I asked before. Nevermind…

error on admin login…

Do you think on the demo site? I have just successfully logged in so not sure what you mean. Can you be more specific please?

I am building a website for our company, however since multiple people need to work with and therefor have to place news items on one page (news page obviously), I am looking for a script which can do this. I discovered your script on Codecanyon, but I do have a few questions.

Question #1

Can it easily be integrated into a current Bootstrap build website? The site is semi-responsive, so I would like to maintain that function as well when we use your script to publish news items.

Question #2

What about SEO meta tags and is search engine friendly? I found a different script, also on Codecanyon, but it didn’t mention it. Yours does mention it. Also does if have friendly URL’s?

I am currently in favour of your script over the other one, why? Mainly because the better (provided) documentation online.

Hope to hear back from you soon. Thank you in advance.



script does not limit you in any way regarding the html/css/js source and styling. So in other words you can integrate it with any design. Although script does not support all kind of ajax requests out of the box so if your design heavily rely on that functionality, this might not work for you.

Regarding your SEO questions. Script has included several seo options. You can add meta keywords, meta description and optimized seo title for each page or post. Also you can add titles and descriptions (alt and title) for every image you upload. URLs are also search engine friendly by default. The only thing that is currently missing is sitemap generator.

I hope this helps. If you have any further specific questions, feel free to contact me via email.


HHawk Purchased

Well we purchased your script today and installation went fine. But we cannot see how we can add the news to our current page. It’s also possible to display pagination, right? So users can browse news.

How do we include the news in our page?

how this work with wordpress ? how make theme ?

script is not connected to wordpress and does not have themes as you may find them in wordpress. But it has templates (similar to WP) so integration with your design should be quick and easy.


Great work done. Can you kindly let me know if it supports document upload, such as uploading pdfs etc


you can use included file manager to upload any type of image or document type file and add the file/link to your page afterwards.

And if you thinking about the post upload section, by default only image files are allowed. But you can use config file to allow any other extension that you may need (pdf,txt…).

Hey, just installed it but admin login credentials from Docs don’t work!

Hi, we solved that successfully via email support. But for others with the same problem, here is a possible solution.

You need to remove www prefix in the base_url or you need to adjust the .htaccess to keep the same prefix (by default it is removed).

Is there any chance we can sort the gallery images ascending instead of descending?


there is no such configuration option at the moment but if you want a quick and dirty solution, you can go to /modules/publish/helpers/models/publishmodel.php. Go to line 96 and change the order_by(‘position’, ‘asc’) to order_by(‘position’, ‘desc’). It should do what you need. Take note that this will also change the ordering for blog images or whatever other module you have.

Of course, cleaner solution would be to use the admin Position field and manually change the order.

Hi Eridan,

Actually it was on line 238. But thanks alot! Great system. Exactly where I was looking for.

You’re right. My bad. Line 96 is for ordering on the index page.

How do you set one gallery as ‘Slider images’ instead of the latest ones? I just want to use one gallery for slider images.

I’ve looked at previous answers but I guess those answers are old.

Oh and how do you get the latest image added from a gallery for a overview page?

There is nothing you can do in master.php file. When I said that you can manually change the image order, I meant that you can do that in the admin panel. Just change the order and put main image on first position. First image is always shown on the overview page

Here is a screenshot so it will make more sense I believe:

This is what I have on the homepage, and it’s not showing those 3 in the gallery. Only 1.

<?php $gallery_images = get_posts(array( ‘featured’ => false, ‘post_id’ => ‘164’, ‘per_page’ => 5, ‘published_only’ => false )); ?> <?php if($gallery_images): ?>

do you have this setup somewhere online or are you working locally? Can you please click on Support tab and contact me privately. You can provide the site url (if you have it online of course) and source files (email address is also provided there). We will solve the problem faster that way. Thanks.

Is it possible to create new custom post type in this CMS (for example Books)? Do you plan add search on site? Do you plan add comments or diqus? Do you plan front-end registration, profile, private content? Do you plan add shop? Do you create modules or widgets for extra fee?

Post types are actually created as categories. Let’s say you need two post types – blog and books. You create two level one categories with desired urls. So you end up with new pages like yoururl/books and yoururl/blog. On this pages you will see category posts. Of course, you can create subcategories and have something like yoururl/books/comedy… etc.

You can also have separate templates for each category/post type so you should not even be design restricted.

I hope this answers your question.

About your other questions. Search should be added in some of the upcoming versions. Frontend registration, private content and similar user module features are not on the list for now but it might be in future. The same goes for shop module.

Facebook comments or disqus integration is very easy. All you need is to add few lines of code in your template. In my opinion, this is much better option than creating custom comment module because most people are already engaged in these two.

At the moment I am not available, but I am creating custom modules when needed.


HHawk Purchased

Well as mentioned above (don’t know if you can see the post) we purchased your script. After some minor issues, we managed to set it up correctly.

Now for the difficult part; we want to display the created news automatically on our (already designed) news page. Can you tell me how we can include this?

Or what code I should include in that page? For example we have currently a page called news.php in the root directory. On this page we want to show the posted news articles. If we can manage that it’s only a matter of a few designing changes.

It is a little different than that. You have to respect script structure in order to make this work (the same goes basically for any cms system out there).

Once you have the script installed, your frontend templates are located within /application/views/ folder. master.php is a base template where you put your header, footer and other sections (it depends on your design of course).

News template goes to views/publish/index.php (this is basically your news.php). So index template is used for the news list (pagination is also available in there), detail.php is a template for news details, as the name suggest.

Bottom line is that you don’t have to put any php files in script root (only js/css/images and other media files can be there or wherever you want to have them). All you need for design template integration is located within mentioned /views/ folder.

I hope I managed to clarify this for you. Please contact me via email/private support if you have additional difficulties with the same thing and I will try to help you.