What is this script about?

ABS – Advanced Ban System is a PHP application designed to keep unwated traffic from your site. You can ban users by their IP, by IP ranges, by Operating System, By Browser, By country, UserAgent or Referer. You can also add an expiration date, a reason for the ban, or a path where the ban is active. Banned users are not able to see the content of the site, however they will be able to send you a message, asking for their IP to get unbanned, this way, you still have way of communicating with banned users. The script also has a API gateway, which can be used for adding bans. The admin panel has a clean design and it`s written in AJAX. It`s also very easy to install and it has low requirements, you only need a domain/subdomain with PHP 5.X and Mysql, cUrl function enabled and GD lib.

How do I implement it with my existing site?

Well, it`s pretty simple, the only thing you have to do, is to include this line of code into the files you want to be protected with ABS.

<?php require_once('abs/php/abs.php'); ?>

The documentation contains more information about implentation, including instructions about implementing it with wordpress and joomla.

Note* This is not a native wordpress/joomla plugin, you can not install it like a joomla/wordpress plugin.

Check the demo:

Admin page: ABS Login

User: admin Pass: admin

Page with with the script active: ABS Test Page


11/26/2013 [1.3]

  • Fixed a bug on “banned.php”
  • Modified admin panel, so you won`t ban yourself

10/23/2013 [1.2]

  • Replaced the old buggy captcha system with a new one
  • Other minor bugs fixed

07/12/2013 [1.1]

  • Fixed the captcha bug
  • Other minor bugs fixed