3D Model Viewer - Canvasio3D

Canvasio3D displays 3D-Graphic with WebGL in WordPress*

• Easy of use through text commands in WordPress Editor
• 3D graphics upload with the WordPress Media Manager
• 3D-Formats: .stl / Three- .js / .obj & .mtl / .dae
• Up to 50 3D Object Windows in a Page
• Responsive and with Touch Screen function
• Custom Object Reflection
• Custom Background Image
• Light Rotation
• Object Shadows


Version 1.1.8 -------------------------

- Fixed a bug when displaying “Loading …”
- Representation corrects own object color for: .obj / .js
- Corrected values of the Light Sets

New functions:
- New Light Sets 9 and 10 added.
- Added Light-Rotation. New text command: lightRotate=”on”

Version 1.1.7 -------------------------

- New Loaderfunction for 3D-Objects: .js / .obj

New functions:
- Improved representation of the object material

Version 1.1.5 -------------------------

- Fixed startup problem on some templates
- Update to Three.js V66

New functions:
- Load Custom background image for each object window (Change … with Image-URL). New text command: backImg=”...”

Version 1.1.3 -------------------------

- Loader speed optimize
- Optimized memory requirement
- ObjectWindow scaling improved (Responsive function)
- Update to Three.js V65

New functions:
- Standard entry extended (On press of the 3D-Icon in the text editor)
- rollSpeedX is no longer supported. New text command: rollSpeedV=” “
- rollSpeedY is no longer supported. New text command: rollSpeedH=” “

Version 1.1.2 -------------------------

- Loader for the .obj Format optimize
- LightSet 5,6,7 and 8 for shadow function adjusted
- Revised to display the floor
- Canvasio Basic: Fixed loader problem for the text editor

New functions:
- Floor height is now adjustable. New Command: floorHeight=” “
- Added Object Shadow. New Command: objShadow=” “

Version 1.1.0 ------------------------

- .obj Format corrected. Some .obj Format Files did not display correctly
- .obj Format / The command objCol works now correct together with a layer Texture
- The commands: loadingText, ambient and shine are now working in multiple Object Windows
- Speed obtimize for Object Windows
- All LightSets improved

New functions:
- LightSet 8 added
- Loading progress in percent implemented
- Custom Object Reflection added. New Commands: reflection =” ” and refVal = ” “

*Since March 2011, WebGL is supported by Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox Web browser, and is enabled by default in browser prerelease versions of Safari and Opera. WebGL requires a 3D hardware acceleration (3D graphics card / 3D chip). Source: Wikipedia