3C-Events : PHP AJAX Events Calendar

3C-Events : PHP AJAX Events Calendar

3C-Events : All-in-One Event Calendar

3c-events is a powerful All-in-One event calendar plugin that may be easily integrated and used. 3c-events has a user-friendly interface and navigation. It can be viewed in various ways : mini calendar, big calendar or events list.

Our calendar plugin is more than just some boxes on a screen. We offers a comprehensive suite of events publishing, viewing and statistical information. 3c-events allows you to improve and simplify event exposure and publishing. With many features, 3c-events is the complete solution for all of your calendar needs.

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Mini Calendar:
Big Calendar:
Events List:
Admin Demo:

Included in Download Package

Script with all Features
Free Support (+ Docs and Help)
Free Updates (+ Request Features)
Convert any existing plugin to 3c-events (With small Fee)
BONUS : 3 months free unlimited hosting on


  • Full AJAX : Navigate between dates without reloading the page.
  • Mobile Compatible : iPhone, iPad, Android…
  • 3 Awesome Calendar Formats : Mini Calendar, Big Calendar, Events List.
  • Responsive Calendars : You can define your own size, your own style.
  • MultiLanguage Support : EN, FR, NL, ES…
  • Multiple colors included : Red, Blue, Grey, Green, Orange.
  • Multiple dates and Recurring events : Daily, monthly, yearly.
  • Community Events : Allow to your users to post and share their own events
  • Social Media Integration : Share you events in all popular social media sites (Facebook, Tiwtter…).
  • Email Notification : Ability to send an global email for each new event or modified event.
  • Event Time : Ability to add time (start/end) for each event you add.
  • Ajax Search : Search any event quickly!
  • Google Map : Allow your visitors to know where the event is located!
  • Ajax Contact Form : Allow your visitors to contact you for more details about events.
  • jQuery Lightbox : New way to display events!
  • Beautiful Admin Control Panel
    • Change any setting easily
    • Manage Events in seconds
  • Cross-Browser Compatible : IE6+, FF, Chrome, Safari…
  • Much more in every update….

Support and Updates:

All our items are regularly tested and updated. If you have are any questions or suggestions please add a comment or visit our support forums (You can also send an email directly to We pride ourselves on quick and effective customer service, and we will always provide a full and proper support service free of charge for all buyers.


* Version 1.8.1 – 10/27/2013:
[Fixed] Wrong events displayed in days
[Fixed] Icon displayed even if the event doesn't have an icon

* Version 1.8 – 11/11/2012 (BIG UPDATE!):
[Added] Ability to add multiple calendar formats in the same page
[Added] Responsive calendars : you can define your own size of each calendar
[Added] Custom Style : you can define your own CSS style
[Added] Repeat event by day, month
[Added] Search events in big-calendar and events-list
[Added] Ability to display/hide week number (mini calendar)
[Added] Custom popup size
[Added] Timepicker jQuery
[Added] Reset CSS for calendars
[Fixed] Restore Database
[Improved] New Setting page!
[Improved] Code optimized

* Version 1.4 – 04/07/2012:
[Added] Date Format
[Improved] TinyMCE script updated
[Fixed] Multiple Google Map integration

* Version 1.3 – 03/11/2012:
[Added] Event Time fields
[Added] Event Icon
[Added] Option to hide days with no events
[Added] Last version checker
[Improved] Security of data and upload functions
[Improved] Admin Panel
[Improved] jQuery and PrettyPhoto scripts updated to latest version
[Fixed] Wrong days in events list
[Fixed] Many bugs

* Version 1.2 – 02/19/2012:
[Added] "Share" feature
[Added] "Backup/Restore Database" feature
[Added] "Checking server configuration" in install file
[Improved] "file_get_contents" function replaced by "CURL" 
[Fixed] login loop bug
[Added] Spanish translation (Many thanks enio_san)    

* Version 1.1 – 02/03/2012:
[Added] Big Calendar
[Improved] Rewriting of the demonstration
[Improved] Valid xHTML 1.0 strict
[Fixed] Strip Auto slashes in some PHP environment                

* Version 1.0.4 – 08/20/2011:
[Added] Dutch Translation (Thank you so much Joachim Venema)
[Added] RSS Feed
[Improved] Translation - Compatible UTF-8                            
[Improved] Calendar Style
[Fixed] Some minor Bugs

* Version 1.0.3 – 07/12/2011:
[Added] Admin Manage Users
[Fixed] Several Bugs

* Version 1.0.2 – 06/05/2011:
[Added] Ability to select different dates for an event
[Improved] Cross Browsers Compatibility

* Version 1.0.1 – 05/30/2011:
[Added] Ability to notify an email address when an event is added.
[Added] Ability to repeat an event every year (eg birthday)
[Added] Confirmation message before deleting an event
[Improved] Optimization of several SQL queries.
[Fixed] Several bugs fixed.

* Version 1.0 – 05/20/2011:
First Release

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