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Hi there,

I’m using your code within a 3rd party app builder and the app is running on an Android device running 2.3. I’m having a problem where by when you tap on the screen with more than 1 finger the view flies around. This can be a problem when you are navigating using one finger and tapping a hotspot with another finger.

Thanks in advance for your help.




Hi, I’ve never tested the plugin with multiple finger events – use only one finger for now, stop the scrolling when you hit a hotspot. I’ll look into ways of testing and improving the touch screen scrolling further. Thank you for the feedback.

Alzi Purchased

Hi, Thank you for the nice application. Two questions, first, when I use my images, it is not as smooth as when I use your images. is there any specific way I need to make my images? Also, is there a way to have Spherical or Cylindrical view?


Hi, first of all thank you for your purchase and feedback on the item, I appreciate it. You should compress your images as much as possible using a progressive JPEG format with the proper size for quality and performance. Play with the quality and image size until you find the best compromise. The plugin supports only flat panoramic images.

Hey, I’ve been using your script for my portfolio for a while – I was adding a new piece and noticed that the “Menu” link is not working properly. It should stay open when I click and leave it but it opens as I click it and immediately closes as I release the click. Unfortunately I’m clueless about JS so can’t figure it out on my own – would you be able to help please? See link here with the latest piece on my portfolio and the Menu link at bottom left : http://naina.co/2014/photostories/Durex/ Thank you in advance! Cheers! Naina


Hi, support is offered only for item issues, not customization tasks. If you want the help of a web developer you might want to hire one at https://studio.envato.com


Oh darn, sorry my bad. I didn’t check that the Menu functionality is something I added on my own and not part of the original script. Nevermind. Cheers!

Hi, Can you give the demo which address multiple photos.


Hi, the preview contains only the single viewer – the purchase file contains the rest of the demos.

Hi there, After looking many options like image sliders in jquery, and being a programming illiterate! I think your panoramic viewer is very interesting and might do the trick for my project that does however diverge from the main use of your viewer: I am trying to find a solution at panning along 1.5 km of street side images I stitched together. For a fixed height of 600px the street image length is more than 20,000 px ! so if I want higher resolution we are talking 30k px or more..thus I need to separate the package into multiple images, see to loading smoothly… Can your viewer pan along numerous loaded images and not only one image? Thanks in advance, andre.


HI, the plugin does not stitch images together – it uses only a single image for the rotation.


Sorry but the mention in my above inquiry for 20,000 pixels wide image is only one part of the 1.5 km street image, it’s more like 70,000 pixels wide or more for higher resolution. Thank you, andre


I was wondering if I could get support/hlep on the following the 360° panoramic view plugin for jQuery.

I have 2 different div 2 different panoramic images. I am having a hard time assign the controls for the different divs:

When i do, the controls work only with one of the div.

Can anyone help?




Hi Nima, please send me a preview URL through my profile’s contact form and I’ll continue support via email. I’ll have to look at your code to determine the problems you are facing – the viewer supports multiple instances on a single page, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Hi, Your viewer is superb. I have spherical panoramas taken with a Ricoh Theta camera (1-shot 360 panorama jpg). How can I convert that into a cylindrical panorama so I can show it with your superb viewer? Any good suggestions? I am lost about this. Thank you in advance.


Hi, thank you for your appreciation. Unfortunately, I have no suggestions on software that processes panoramic images – this viewer just displays the flat image and offers the rotation functionality.

Hi, where can i see a demo with hotspots?



Hi, the hotspots example is available only after you purchase the item.

hi man, its possible to add tags in panoramic images? like integrate facebook to tag yoursel in photo? tks, marcelo


Hi, the plugin supports only the features listed in the item description (there is no tag feature available) – for further requirements you need to have some web development skills and adapt the existent code to your needs.

Does it support 360×360?


Hi, I don’t really understand your question – the supported image format can be seen in the preview.


In additional to move the photo horizontally, can it be moved vertically?


No, the scrolling is done only horizontally.