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CodingJack says

I’ve been working on a project recently that loads in SoundCloud songs using the provided iframe code you get when you click the “share” button. This was working great until I upgraded to the latest Firefox.

When you load a SoundCloud iframe that has “showartwork” set to “true” as one of the url parameters, SoundCloud will do a 3D flip of the avatar when CSS3 3D Transforms are detected. Firefox 10 added CSS3 3D transform support but unfortunately this avatar flip crashes the browser every time. I’ve confirmed this on two different computers, one running Windows 7 and the other running Windows Vista (FF plugins and addons were disabled to make sure there were no conflicts when testing).

In case authors here have blogs that might be embedding SoundCloud music I thought I’d share this info here. If you want to avoid crashing your visitor’s browser when they visit your website, instead of removing the artwork/avatar completely, you can use this bit of code I wrote:


This will just disable artwork when Firefox 10 is detected and show it for all other browsers. I made a post about the bug over on the SoundCloud API Google group so hopefully they’ll fix it soon.



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SonicCube says

Thank you Jack ! I will check this out later today ;)

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thesecession says

Awesome Jack, thanks so much!