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Hey community – I don’t frequent the forums so much these days, for that I apologize.

I wanted to reach out as Envato don’t seem to be taking the issue too seriously and I think it’s important to uphold the community spirit and level of professionalism we have going on here, after all we are all trying to make a mark in the world and sell stuff to make a living.

I have noticed lately a troubling trend – to name your item “almost” the same as some other item created by a different author – simply adding a different tagline after the name, or “ify” etc at the end is just not good practice. I understand the benefits that come from this and find it rather under-handed.

After all it’s not hard to name an item – I mean we can even just “make them up” – they could be single words for goodness sake.

So, my request is please do the same as we do before completing an item for upload, double check no other item (regardless of category) does not share the same name as your upload – just search here, if nothing found, then you are good to go – if there is, it would be far more professional to simply rename the item a little (not adding just extra words after the copied name).

I know I am not the only one who has noticed this, but I am sure this is news to most authors – just be aware how this could go in a few short months if we don’t stamp it out now – you could be next.

Thanks all!


PS. This is NOT an attack on any individual, this is purely a public awareness message :)

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When im ready to sell onThemeForest i will make sure i name my themes special and unique! Thanks for this tip.

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/Everyone rushes to the product listing to find out if Jonathan’s talking about them, lol


Good points, but with nearly a half million products, this was just an inevitability. I know it’s happened to me. I sure as heck hope I’ve not done it to someone else… but short of running a healthy search on the product listing (which I’d like to think most people do), this one is tough to navigate. Tougher still if you’re avoiding all theme names in existence (even those out of network). Tougher still if you’re including all tech related products…

Still, ideals are ideals for a reason… and this one is definitely worth paying attention to.

+1 for some sort of “this name is too similar” flag during the upload process though… I’m not even sure if that’s possible, but it’d be a step in the right direction as this problem certainly isn’t going away.


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OK, I’ll stop already. Geez. I just have a lot of trouble coming up with original ideas especially with theme names. I use a special tool I built called “ThemeForest Name Spinner” that randomly generates names by adding “ist”, “ify”, “ful”, “ing” and a handful of other suffixes to the ends of random top sellers. I’m sorry. :D

This coming from the guy that named a theme “Hallowinning”. You only did that because you knew I was about to release my “Hallowin” theme so you tacked on an “ning” and uploaded yours first. That’s just wrong. ;)

Ok, kidding aside. I think you make a good point. If authors are intentionally mimicng names, I can only imagine their work is also quite “inspired” but I do think that a quick search to ensure the name is not in use is a good practice.

I accidentally named a theme after a WP plugin I didn’t know about. It was killing me when I discovered it because I came up with the name 6 months before I created the theme then, after a few months of development I decided to do a search, the night before uploading, and found a WP plugin by the same name. I was too invested at that point to change it but felt pretty dumb for not checking sooner.

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I’ve done this with all of my theme names..

To tell you the truth, I’ve got about 5 themes prepared which I have a release schedule for. So I’m really sorry if anyone has taken my theme names before I release.

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