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ottawapeterfabian says

Hello Friends

I’m questioning the best way to make a website such as “orkut” or “Facebook”, on which anyone can sign-up a free account, log-in and post some things like video clips, textual content or images.

- What type of application do you recommend to create such a website? - What might be the simplest way to host this site

I know little about website-building, but I have never identified any program providing these features such as log-in zone + account, and so on.)

Thanks Peter Fabian Ottawa

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CodingJack says

Hi Peter,

There’s no special application for this sort of thing but it sounds like you need to hire a developer. You may get some replies here, or you can check out FreelanceSwitch which is also run by Envato.

Good luck :)

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amzee says

Have you tried BuddyPress?