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chugger93 says


This is my first request here. I know a little of PHP /MYSQL and have for quite some time, just not enough to make my own scripts from scratch. Just modify existing ones.

I need a small, small script. I have a live support link on my website for example. When clicked it runs/opens an executible on the clients machine where they can connect to me remotely.

I don’t want people just clicking on it, unless a verification process is done.

Basically what I’m thinking is to either give them the same code, or have a system autogenerate one? So they would click live support, get prompted with a fancy window that asks them for the code, and once verified it just runs the executible for them to download.

Its a very basic request and I can’t imagine it costing alot at all. Any other questions let me know. Please email me at chugger@comcast.net with some pricing and details

Thank you


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CreatingDrew says

Moved to item requests :)

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iLochie says

Hey, I sent you an email Jon. ;)