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TheGlitched says

Hi all,

One moment to let me introduce myself, cause I’m new on the forums; My name is Glenn Engelen and I’m a long time member of the envato marketplaces. I recently became an author and uploaded a theme to the themeforest marketplace.

Today I got the idea that I wanted to get push notifications on my iPhone when I sold an item. So I wrote it earlier today and wanted to share this with you guys/girls, if you’re interested off course… :)

It is written in PHP and uses the Envato Marketplace API and the Notifo app+API for receiving the push notifications on the phone. When you run the script it will get the 50 last sales from you’re items on the marketplace, if not yet present in the mysql table, they will get inserted and it will send a notification to your iPhone.


  • MySQL database
  • Server with PHP and JSON support
  • possibility to set a cron job on the PHP file
  • Notifo App/account/apikey – http://notifo.com/
  • ... Almost forgot, an Apple iPhone :)


Download the source
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Reaper-Media Volunteer moderator says

That’s pretty cool! Thanks for sharing! :-)

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kaixer says

oh. cool. :)

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Themovation says

Hi Glitch, is this source still available? I realize it’s been a few years but the link is broken and I’d love to see how this works. Thanks.